• Craig Hunter

Wonder Boys (2000)

Grady Tripp is a professor of English at a university in Pittsburgh.  He relates the story of a few hectic days in his life during  a writers conference  when his wife leaves him, his editor arrives in town expecting a completed second novel, his secret love reveals that she is pregnant, and he tries to help a troubled--but gifted--student.

This film has a great cast.  

Michael Douglas  is Grady Tripp, a novelist with an initial success who is experiencing a five year sophmore slump.  His personal life is a lot like his second novel...forever in the works, directionless, and in need of a good editor.

Grady's editor Terry Crabtree, played by Robert Downey Jr., is suffering a career collapse of his own and it's linked directly to Grady's writer's block.  Crabtree is your friend from college who you thought would fail because of his hard partying but somehow squeeked through to graduation and into a respectable job.

The lovely Frances McDormand is the Chancellor of the English department and Grady Tripp's girlfriend and boss. The film also has Toby Maguire, Rip Torn and a pre Tom-Cat Katie Holmes.

Michael Douglass gravelly voice narrates the film.

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