• Craig Hunter

Why do I have to push the "walk" button?

...why do I have to press the walk button?

...have you ever waited at a stop light only to find that when the light eventually changes, the walk signal doesn't come on because the walk button hasn't been pressed?

...then people waiting to cross the street hesitate...should I cross?...should I wait?

...then a car tries to take advantage by turning right, directly in front of a group of hesitating pedestrians.

...just make it "walk" automatically when the light changes to green and it's okay to walk and "don't walk" automatically, when it's no longer okay to walk.  

...no ambiguity.

...don't make me press a button to get a walk signal.

...light changes to green...walk signal...30 seconds...don't walk signal...simple.

...and we need more pedestrian scrambles in densely populated areas and downtowns.  

...these can help reduce the incidence of pedestrian injuries by eliminating the scenario where pedestrians are crossing as cars are turning.  They also reduce the number of times that a pedestrian needs to cross the street by facilitating diagonal crossings.

...we're hopefully going to have driver-less cars on the roads soon.  Let's make it easier on the programmers by removing some of the complexity at intersections.

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