• Craig Hunter

Timothy Findley

I was in high-school when I first read Timothy Findley's novel Not Wanted On The Voyage.  I had never read a book quite like that before and I loved it so I went back and read a bunch of his other books.

My favourite Findley books are The Wars (1977), Famous Last Words (1981), Not Wanted on the Voyage (1984), and The Telling of Lies (1986).

The Wars won the Governor General Award for fiction in 1977 and follows a young man from Ontario as he tries to navigate the madness of the Great War.

In Famous Last Words the prison wall scrawls of a frozen man reveal a mystery of scandal and political corruption.

Not Wanted on the Voyage is a retelling of the biblical tale of the great flood, except God, Noah and his family, and all of the characters are deeply flawed and the entire adventure is a train wreck. This is my favorite Findley novel.

In The Telling of Lies, an amateur sleuth tries to solve a mysterious murder at a Maine resort.

This remains one of my favourite authors.

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