• Craig Hunter

Soldier (1998)

In the future, an elite breed of soldiers that have been conditioned since birth are rendered obsolete by a new breed of genetically enhanced "super-soldiers".

Sergeant Todd is presumed killed by the lead super-soldier and his body is dumped from a waste disposal ship onto an abandoned planet.  Todd is initially befriended by the local inhabitants--survivors from a crashed ship themselves--but they soon banish him from their colony out of fear.  

When the super-soldiers show up to exterminate the locals, sergeant Todd has to defend the colony.

This is a fun film.  Kurt Russell has somewhere around ten lines of dialogue in the entire film.  Doesn't sound like a lot but it's probably closer to the ideal number of lines of dialogue that the lead in an action movie should have.

This film also has three things that make for a great sci-fi story:

  • Genetically modified humans doing evil.

  • Waste disposal ships inexplicably dumping waste on an abandoned planet instead of anywhere in space or the nearest star.

  • Casual disregard for life by an arrogant and one-dimensional antagonist.

Gold Star bonus...Gary Busey sighting!

If you are a Kurt Russell fan than you had better pick up this one to complete your "Kurt Russell the later years" collection.

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