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Updated: Jan 26

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Show Notes

Slumber Party Massacre (1982)

Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Slumber_Party_Massacre

Director Amy Holden Jones https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amy_Holden_Jones

Runtime 76 minutes

article: http://www.dailynebraskan.com/obscurioso-sexist-slumber-party-slashes-way-to-b-movie-hell/article_2a64b5fa-cb56-5769-9482-562a585005bb.html (feminism)

article: https://horrornews.net/81992/film-review-slumber-party-massacre-1982/ (drill as metaphor for penis and girls approaching age of sexual activity)

Opening sequence

West coast. Palm trees in the sub-burbs

Hot chic waking up. Takes off nighty and put a dress on. She's hot.Her room is a girls room. She has a poster of Jimmy Conners and lots of dolls and stuffed animals that she packs into a brown paper bag, like she's leaving her childhood behind. 2:40 to 4:10

Her parents are leaving on a vacation and leaving her home alone. She mentions that she's 18. The neighbor says he won't let the girls get into any trouble. She drops her brown bag of toys into the garbgage and heads off for school. A hand reaches into the bag and takes out a barbie doll. Metaphor for leaving her childhood behind


living room. killer slowly walks up to girl with drill hanging down like a penis.

killer "you're pretty. all of you are pretty"

girl cowers and cries and pleads "Please, no"

killer "i love you"

killer "it takes a lot of love for a person to do this"

killer "you know you want it"

killer "you love it"

killer "yes"

girl "I don't know you at all"

next door girl runs in with a machete and chases the killer outside. killer raises his erect drill and she lops it off with her machete.

girls are hot...lots of t and a...there is a stellar article from The Daily Nebraskan http://www.dailynebraskan.com/obscurioso-sexist-slumber-party-slashes-way-to-b-movie-hell/article_2a64b5fa-cb56-5769-9482-562a585005bb.html that covers this film and the sequels and another good article in HorrorNews https://horrornews.net/81992/film-review-slumber-party-massacre-1982/ covering the film and the drill as metaphor for penis and girls approaching age of sexual activity.

Slumber Party Massacre II (1987)


Courtney, the younger sister of Valerie from the first film, has recurring nightmares about a guitar-drill wielding rockabilly singer who stalks her as she hides under the bed. Courtney has eschewed a weekend visit to see her sister Valerie in a mental hospital so that she and her all female bandmates (she's in a pop-band), can go on a weekend excursion to a suspiciously empty condo development where their boyfriends will meet them for partying and sex.

Courtney's nightmares slowly start to creep into her waking life as hallucinations and eventually the hallucinations become real when the rockabilly killer guitar-drills her boyfriend just as he and Courtney are about to have sex. He then begins chasing and killing Courtney's friends and their boyfriends, while intermittently singing rockabilly to the audience. Eventually, after all Courtney's friends have been killed, Courtney kills the guitar-drill killer by setting him on fire with propane somehow.

...but wait, Courtney wakes up in her bed with her boyfriend next to her and she kisses him. Was it all just a dream? ...but wait again, the boyfriend morphs into the killer...but wait again, now Valerie wakes up in her bed --which seems to be in an attic--screaming and a drill drills through the floor.

Was it Valerie dreaming all along? I am, of course, reminded of Edgar Allan Poe's poem A Dream within a Dream (1827) which ends with the question, "...Is all that we see or seem But a dream within a dream?"

...you think about that.

the girls are mega-hot. I especially liked the redhead singer Sheila (Juliette Cummins) who, in one scene of frenzied drunken dancing, takes off her shirt and bra and shakes her lady lumps for us all to enjoy....about 23 minutes in... unfortunately, there weren't nearly enough memorable scenes like this one and, as a result, most of the movie is rather forgettable.

I also really enjoyed the scene where the girls are rehearsing in the condo at 36:26

Slumber Party Massacre III (1990)


Some hot teenage girls--all 18 at least, of course-- playing beach volleyball with their goofy guy love interests.

The film gives us three possibilities for the killer:

- While at the beach, a creepy loner guy shows up and watches the girls quietly and dispassionately from a distance, but close enough for them to see him.

- One of the girls, Juliette, meets an older guy, Ken--a friend of a friend--from her high school. He shows an interest in her.

- When main character Jackie gets dropped off by her love interest, Frank, at home after the beach, the house front door is ajar. Her creepy neighbor Morgan is in the foyer claiming he found her front door open and thought it was an open house.

That's the first 15 minutes

The girls arrive for a slumber party. Bar-b-que, beer, champagne, ice cream. Then, just as their love interests are about to predictably crash the party, the girls have begun drinking and dancing and two of the girls have a strip dance-off.

Fringe characters begin getting killed but we aren't sure who the killer is because he has a mask on.

At the midpoint, Juliette and Ken begin fooling around. Ken can't get an erection so Juliette tells him to go down on her. Afterwords the killer kills Juliette while she is in the bath by dropping an electric dildo into the water and she is electrocuted.

Ken and one of the dudes go for help and Ken reveals himself as the killer when he attacks the dude and cuts both his achilles tendons with a chainsaw.

Ken's uncle was a police officer and he recently committed suicide. Ken seems to be out for revenge somehow and the slaughter of the main characters begins.

While attacking one girl he says, "you did this", "you're jealous weren't you", "you have to be jealous, i'm your uncle" so he clearly has some unresolved issues to work out with his deceased uncle.

In the end the three remaining girls have to kill Ken with his own drill which may be a metaphor for the physical and sexual abuse that his uncle inflicted on him.

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