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PT - Movie - 021 - Frank Harris

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Show Notes

Frank Harris https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Harris_(director) -- helicopter shots - likes to use shots from the cockpit of the helicoptor. Harris was a newsreporter and I wonder if he was in a chopper doing traffic or something. -- spouse Diane Stevenett appears in all the films except Aftershock. She is from Lethbridge Alberta and apart from her film career has carved out a piece of the art scene for herself, you can check out her website http://www.dianestevenett.com/ KillPoint (1984) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killpoint - Leo Fong 23:20 - 24:27

- Stack Pierce 11:00 - 11:30

- Cameron Mitchell

- Richard Roundtree

- Hope Holiday

- great opening music 0:10 - 1:30

- Nighthawk (stack pierce) is a super-badass working for a gun dealer Joe Marks (cameron mitchell). He steals a bunch of military guns from a military installation. Then using the guns, they launch mass hits on the city's gun dealer competition, killing everybody at a Chinese restaurant and then a grocery store the next day.

- Police suspect the missing guns are in the hands of Joe Marks and that his men are behind the killings so they assign Agent Bryant (Richard Roundtree) and Lt. Wong (Leo Fong) to investigate.Lt.

- Wong has a backstory where his wife was raped and killed. We get a delicious montage at 22:10 to 24:27 which shows him at the coroners office where a woman tied to this investigation has been raped and killed and he starts thinking about his wife and then it transitions to him training. This was a cool way to illustrate how he takes his personal tragedy and draws motivation from it.

- Great scene where Nighthawk kills Anita 27:03 to 28:40

- The rest of the movie, Nighthawk sells weapons to various gangs who use them to wipe out their enemies or rob stores and murder people. Then Lt. Wong investigates these crimes and arrests the criminals and gets the stolen guns back.

- Wong seems to use the arrests as an opportunity for therapeutic catharsis, often fighting the criminals--who all use kung-fu--hand-to-hand...exacting his revenge through the beatings.

- Eventually, Wong poses as a gun buyer to get a meeting with Nighthawk and Marks. There is a big shootout and both Nighthawk and Marks are killed and Wong retrieves the weapons. Low Blow (1986) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low_Blow_(film) Leo Fong

Stack Pierce

Movie Poster looks like a muscle guy with a giant fist and he's going to grab you and repeatedly punch you in the groin (low blow)

Slow-mo fights scenes

opening music 0:09 - 1:10

A filthy rich heiress joins a cult/commune and the rich father hires Joe Wong to get his daughter back.

Joe Wong (Leo Fong) is a low rent private detective working out of SF. One ordinary day while sitting down to a bowl of chicken feet soup in his local restaurant hangout, he witnesses two thugs stealing the purse of an old lady. He leaps into action beating up the thugs and getting the purse back. Well the dad of the filthy rich heiress witnesses Joe's heroism and decides he's found the man to hire to get his daughter back.

Joe hosts a "Tough Man Contest" in order to assemble a crew of misfits to attempt a rescue, including Corky (Stack Pierce) an ex-boxer, Chico (David Cochran) a Latino street gang guy , Fuzzy (Woody Farmer) a giant guy in the Bud Spencer mold , Cody (Elaine Hightower) the strong chick, and Sticks (Manny Dela Pena) I think he's a waiter from a restaurant.

Lots of this music 1:06:22 to 1:08:30

Billy Blanks is in it and he says this 1:13:55

This one is in the "assembles a team" sub-genre

in the end, they take down the cult and rescue the girl.

The Patriot (1986)


Stack Pierce

Simone Griffith


Atkins (Stack Pierce, playing a super bad-ass again) and a couple of small in stature henchmen steal a couple of nuclear warheads from a facility and escape in a pickup. Atkins standing in the flatbed with a machine gun mowing down military personelle like redshirts on an away mission.

Matt Ryder (Gregg Henry) is an ex Navy guy who now spends his nights in country bars fighting and whoring. he thrusts himself back into relevance when his friend Maggie (Diane Stevenett) accidentally discovers some shenanigans with nuclear weapons, at the oil rig that she works at and he decides to investigate.

Enter Leslie Nielsen, big Navy guy, who gives Ryder his opportunity back into the legitimate Navy world, and back into the life of his foxy neice Sean (Simone Griffith).

To make Ryder's stealing Sean from her fiance (Mitchell) more palatable, Mitchell turns out to be the mastermind behind the stolen nuclear weapons, although his motivations are unclear.

act III, Ryder and Sean take a helicopter and a bunch of guns to the oil rig to have a big showdown with Atkins and Mitchell.

Stack Pierce, in typical bad-ass fashion, has been working with these two bumbling hobbits the entire movie and once they have served their purpose, he slowly and deliberately executes them with over-the-top cruelty.

Final scene is so tropey as they have seconds to disarm a nuclear warhead and need to pick the correct wire to cut...he picks the red one.

Lockdown (1990)


Opening helicopter shot from the cockpit over the city.

Chuck Jeffreys 7:00 - 8:16. the eddie murphy scene 39:35 41:38

richard lynch 19:15 - 20:01

Chris DeRose

joe estevez

Elizabeth Kaitin

music 0:11 - 1:40

James Garrett (Richard Lynch) plays the Stack Pierce role of being a super bad-ass. He works for stolen car dealer and early on he kills all the employees at a client's car dealership and then kills a young cop.

Rod Taylor (Chris DeRose) and his partner Mac Maguire (Chuck Jeffries) are cops chasing Garrett and his accomplice Johnny (Larry Mintz). They catch up with them in an apartment building but Garrett manages to knock Rod out and use his gun to kill his accomplice Johnny, effectively framing Rod for the murder. This framing is even more poingant because when Rod and Mac discovered the young cop that had been killed by Garrett, Rod knew the young cop personally and later during the chase remarked that he wanted to make the criminals pay for what they did to the young cop. So, Rod quickly finds himself under arrest and heading to jail for murder, 15 to life. Too bad he won't be able to spend time with that beautiful wife of his played by Elizabeth Kaitan in her first Frank Harris film. She'll be a main character in Aftershock, the last Frank Harris film. Some other notable roles for her, Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity and Assault of the Killer Bimbos

While Rod is trying to survive in prison, his partner, Mac, is trying to find out what really happened when Rod was framed so that he can get Rod out of jail. Meanwhile, Garrett is orchestrating a takeover of his organization, which is still being run through a guy named Shanks who is in the prison with Rod.

in the final act, Rod has figured out that Garrett framed him and he breaks out of prison in a laundry truck and he and Garrett have big showdown in a warehouse.

ending music 1:31:20

helicopter pilot Frank Harris III

Aftershock (1990)


music 5:18 to 7:17

Jay Roberts Jr.

Elizabeth Kaitan

John Saxon

Chris DeRose

future dystopia. an urban hellscape with bands of security personelle riding black jeeps with machine gun nests hunting down "unregistered citizens" and killing them. It's like America circa 2050 when there has been a complete corporate takeover and the only people left are the elite, the security state like the army, ICE, the police, and the citizens who are openly hunted and killed on trumped up arbitrary charges.

a foxy unregistered woman in a dress witnesses a woman in a red dress appear from a puff of smoke, right before she escapes. The red dress woman seems like she's an alien (she doesn't speak). The ICE agents capture her and interrogate her. She's wearing a red dress that appears to be a dress that Nancy Reagan is wearing in a picture that she is carrying.

our hero is a loner, an outsider, he wears a black sleeveless vest, jeans, and consistently has 2.5 days of facial hair. You've seen him before, he's the hero from a lot of films, he's a little bit of Snake Pliskin in Escape from New York, a little bit of Flynn Rider in Tangled, a little bit of Jack Colton from Romancing the Stone

Our hero Willie (Jay Roberts Jr.) the Eddie Murphy impersonator (Chuck Jeffreys), and the female alien escape from a bad guy detention facility. Willie and the female alien join the revolutionary movement that Eddie Murphy belongs to. The movement wants to overthrow the military rulers in power. The group is run by a colonel who is an old rival of Willie's

Enter Richard Lynch in full military garb--including beret--with glass eye, holding a puppy. He's in charge of everyone. He tells the guy running the detention facility Quinn (John Saxon) that the female who escaped may be an extra-terrestrial and must be recaptured.

What's at Stake?

at the midpoint the alien (Sabina) tells us that her people received an old earth space probe. The probe seemed to show the earth's leaders in peace and her people--being at war--became curious and came to Earth to investigate. She has to get back to the portal--into the lion's den--where she arrived to return home.

The film wandered for me at this point.

In the final showdown, the bad guys have captured Sabina and are holding her at the very same location as the portal. Time for our hero to mount a rescue.

Enter Willie, riding a dirtbike and wearing white pants, no more leather vest, and sporting a Samurai sword. He kills a slew of bad guys to clear a path for Sabina to get back to her portal and return home.

Some curiosities:

we don't see Richard Lynch's character beyond the initial scene. This is unfortunate.

the rivalry between Willie and the revolutionary leader (Col Slater) is not brought up again.

The Eddie Murphy impersonator is not scene after Sabina explains her backstory at the midpoint. It would have been nice to include him in the showdown, especially to have him fight Mr. James (another mini boss) who won an earlier confrontation between the two.

There is a character who is sort of a gunfighter assassin for hire (Brandt) who is contracted out by the bad guys. He doesn't appear in the film until after the midpoint (about 47 minutes through) and is sort of a mini boss if this were a video game.