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PT - Movie - 009 - Cobra, the Black Cobra Series, and Fair Game

Updated: Jan 26

Season 1 of the Predictably Treacherous Podcast continues with the films that spawned from Paula Gosling's first novel "A Running Duck" (1974).

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Show Notes

Welcome everybody to the Predictably Treacherous podcast, episode 9 of season 1, "Cobra, the Black Cobra series, and Fair Game".   Paula Gosling is an American born (living in the UK) author of crime fiction.  Her first novel A Running Duck (1974) (also published as Fair Game) won her the John Creasey Award for new first novels by the Crime Writers' Association in the UK.  The book also spawned film adaptations in 1986's Cobra, a Sylvester Stallone vehicle, Fair Game in 1995 with one of the Baldwin brothers and Cindy Crawford, and a series of Fred Williamson b-movies, The Black Cobra, Black Cobra 2, The Black Cobra 3: Manila Connection, Black Cobra 4 Detective Malone (a mashup of extra footage, reused footage, and deleted scenes from the three Black Cobra films). Today, we're going to look at the movies that spawned from the novel.  I haven't read the novel.  I tried to acquire it but actually couldn't find a physical copy for sale at a less than extortionate price and I refuse to pay $20 for an e-book. I did read some of one of her other books "Underneath Every Stone" (2000) the final book in the Blackwater Bay series.  It was fine. It keeps you interested but its ultimately just a cheesy crime novel.  The story goes that Cobra (1986) was written by Sylvester Stallone during the pre-production of Beverly Hills Cop.  Stallone was initially in line to play Axel Fowley.  He heavily re-wrote the script as a straight up action film with big-splash action sequences.  The studio rejected it and went with Eddie Murphy in a more comedic role but Stallone took his ideas and blessed the world with the gift of Cobra, which was loosely based on Paula Gosling's novel A Running Duck (1974).  There is a very detailed wikipedia page for Cobra with tons of tidbits about Stallone's ego, the movie's poor reception, massive editing, etc.  Check out the link: Cobra https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cobra_(1986_film)

Cobra (1986)

Cobra (1986) was Directed by George P. Cosmatos whose work includes some Italian stuff, Leviathan, Rambo II, and Tombstone. Cobra also starred:

  • Reni Santoni - Lot of film but no standout roles.Small parts in Brewster's Millions and Summer Rental"Poppie" from Seinfeld

  • Brigitte Nielsen - ModellingActingRed SonjaRocky IVCobraBeverly Hills Cop II976-Evil II, The Double O-Kid. Chained Heat II, Galaxis, Snowboard AcademyMusic and WritingIn 1987 with the release of a debut album "Every Body Tells a Story"Follow up album in 1991 "I'm the One...Nobody Else"In 2009 published her autobiography  in Europe.  It was released in the United Kingdom as "You Only Get One Life" in 2011PersonalMarried Stallone in 1985 and acted in Rocky IV and Cobra then divorced.Married 5 times with 5 kids; a bunch of infidelities; alcohol problemsA bunch of Television

  • Andrew Robinson - Dirty Harry, Hellraiser, and Deep Space Nine 

  • Brian Thompson -Alien Bounty Hunter on The X-Files

Let's get to the film.

Act I The Setup SS voice-over, "In America, there is a burglary every 11 seconds, armed robbery every 65 seconds, violent crime every 25 seconds, murder every 24 minutes, 250 rapes a day."  (clip 1) ...this while a gloved hand slowly points a gun at the viewer and shoots...I think this might be foreshadowing violence.  Meanwhile, it's dusk...dusk everywhere...dusk all the time...and there's a guy riding a motorbike with an eagle--or maybe seagulls--flying in the background...there's a slummy city...and there's some leather jacket gang clanging axes together rhythmically over their heads in a romantically lit abandoned factory.  Already, this seems like it would be great if it were a b-movie because it's got atmosphere and style and it's way over the top and on-the-nose with everything. I mean, the bad guys are in an abandoned warehouse clanging axes over their heads in a bad-guy ceremony...that is how you do "on-the-nose". ...but the thing is, it's not really a b-movie...the budget for this thing was 25.0M and it has a major star is SS.  But it is adapted from a trashy crime novel (I haven't read it.  I couldn't locate it at the library or at Amazon.  I did get another one of her novels and what i read of it was fine.  It was a trashy crime novel.  ) so I guess it has b-movie roots. A dodgy looking dude wearing a trench coat and a toque enters a grocery store and begins shooting the place up with a shotgun.  He mostly shoots fruit and vegetables.  The cops arrive but they just try to negotiate with the bad guy with a megaphone from outside.    Cobra arrives in a custom built 1950 Mercury.  According to a 2011 CBS NEWS article, this car was designed by Stallone to fit his character's role in the movie.  Stallone claimed that in 1994 the car was stolen from his garage then in 2009 he discovered a company trying to sell the car at an online auction.  He eventually reached a settlement with the company and was reunited with the car.  It's ugly anyways.   Cobra looks ridiculous when he arrives...dark reflective sunglasses, chewing a wooden match, handgun in his waistband, let's listen to his intro, (7:28 to 7:44) (clip 2).   Cobra just walks right into the grocery store because there's only one bad-guy and he's in the back of the store harassing some family.  Cobra makes his way through the store and he gets a clear sight to the bad-guy and could just pull out his gun and shoot him but he doesn't.  Instead, he let's the bad-guy see him and gets shot at.  Then he finds a new place to watch the bad-guy and he has another clear site but instead of shooting he grabs a warm can of Coors and drinks it.  Then he gets on the intercom and tells the bad-guy he's a lousy shot and that he's going to kill him.   Then SS busts through a door from apparently the dry ice room because there's smoke everywhere and there's a standoff.  The bad-guy has his shotgun to the head of a good looking young woman.  Cobra puts his gun away and talks with the bad-guy while he reaches into the ass pocket of his nice fitting jeans and pulls out a wide blade short knife.  He throws it into the chest of the bad-guy then pulls out his gun and shoots him and he falls into some frozen fish. When leaving the store the press is there to pepper Cobra and the police with questions.  One reporter tries to tell them that they don't care about due process because they just shoot people and he's right.  Naturally the cops react emotionally and defensively and Cobra grabs the reporter and shows him the corpse of the young man who was killed to appeal to our sense of vengeance.   End of first 10 minutes.  Cobra returns to his beautiful chalet on the beach.  There is no way he could afford this place unless he was really corrupt.  He eats pizza and watches a Christmas cartoon with his leather gloves still on.  Then there's a news report about the "night-slasher" who preys on everyone and has the city is in a panic, planting a seed that Cobra must rid the city of the night-slasher and his gang.  Now at night, a van with the guy from X-Files (the Night-Slasher) arrives outside of a coffee shop in a dodgy area.  A waitress is closing up the shop and leaving alone.  As she gets into her car they attack it with sledgehammers and kill her with the "night-slasher" knife.  Then we get Cobra telling his cop superiors that he wants to get in on the the case.   Then another killing by the night-slasher and his gang but this time BN drives by just after it happened and witnessed the night-slasher without his nylon over his head, seeing his face. Then we see a female cop who was part of the night-slasher's gang looking up the license plate of BN's jeep and we see her name and address.  Plot Point Then Cobra's cop superiors meet Cobra in a parking lot and tell him to go after the night-slasher.  One of the cop superiors mentions something about "make sure you get the right guy" hinting at some past mistake that Cobra may have made, that will likely never get brought up again.   Act II The Confrontation It's montage time...love the song (clip 3) cobra driving around the city, talking with low lives, looking for a lead on the night-slasher, while BN does a photoshoot with a bunch of cute robots, and the night-slasher walks around sharpening his knife while his jaw is busting out of his face.   Now BN is being walked to her car by the photographer but the night-slasher is in the parking lot stalking her.  The photographer and some bystander gets chopped by an axe and when the security guard arrives he distracts them long enough for her to hide until the cop car sirens cause the bad-guys to split.   Now BN is in the hospital with Cobra and Poppi and she reveals that she saw the night-slasher earlier that night.  That female cop is around and she hears them.  I recognize her but i'm not sure what she's from.  She tells the night-slasher she knows where BN is and his jowls bulge out of his face as he sharpens his knife and he tells her "she's mine".  The female cop tells the night-slasher that (32:20 to 32:30) "she's going to wreck our new world...and our dream...you have to stop her." (clip 4) While Cobra returns to his beachhouse to check some stuff on his computer, the night-slasher goes to the hospital to get BN.  He kills a janitor and takes his uniform so he can move throughout the hospital freely.  Meanwhile, Cobra gets a call from Poppi who is at his office and was told that cobra wanted to meet him.  They realize they've been set up and suddenly some axe wielding henchmen break in and get into a fight with Cobra. He kills them and drives to the hospital knowing that BN is in danger.  The night-slasher finds BN and tries to kill her but she escapes and pulls the fire alarm as cobra arrives.  

Midpoint So now BN is with Cobra.  The lady cop that is working with the night-slasher has been assigned to their team and she is riding in a car with Poppi, BN is with Cobra in his super-car.  The bad guys take out Poppi's car and there is a car chase with the three bad guy cars and Cobra's super-car. This ends with Cobra crashing his super-car into a boat and the bad guys getting away.   So Cobra takes a truck and drives BN out of the city.  They stop at a country store and have some insignificant chit chat.  The bad guys, meanwhile, have another axe clanging ritual.  Then they stop at a country restaurant and BN has a plate of fries with lots of ketchup. Cobra notices that the female cop with them (who is working with the bad-guys) makes a phone call.   Plot Point.

They stop for the night at a truck stop and he catches the female cop making a phone call again from a payphone outside.  I think he knows that she is informing the bad guys because he heads back to his room and prepares his weapons; handguns, machine guns, grenades.   Act III The Resolution In the early morning, Cobra is sitting up in bed but falling asleep.  The bad guys are riding their motorbikes on the highway.  When they leave the motel rooms they discover that the female cop is missing.  Then they see a lot of guys surrounding the motel and they get back into the rooms to prepare to be attacked.   This is the big showdown.   Cobra blasts tons of guys then they run out of the motel and get in the truck.  Cobra in the back standing in the flatbed shooting guys and BN driving.  They end up in a factory with lots of sparks and fires...it may be a smelter or something.  Once Cobra has killed everyone we are left with just the night-slasher, BN and Cobra.  The night-slasher has a soliloquy where he explains that he kills the weak so the strong survive.  They end up fighting hand to hand and the night-slasher gets impaled on a hook and carried alive through some flames.   Afterwords, Poppi is loaded onto an ambulance with a leg wound but is going to be fine.  cobra punches a rival cop that he had a beef with and then he and BN get on a motor bike and ride off without helmets.   The End I loved Cobra when I was like 12 years old and I first saw it on tv or rented it----check out my previous post, 80's Cop Movies----from the video store or whatever, but this movie does not hold up...well, at least it spawned several offspring, starting with...The Black Cobra.

The Black Cobra Series (1987)

series: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Cobra_(film_series) Budget - who the fuck knows...not much. Fred Williamson

Fred Williamson played professional football during the 60's with the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Oakland Raiders, and the Kansas City Chiefs.  He earned the nickname "the Hammer" for his aggressive playing style.  He was a savvy marketer and self-promoter and was able to parley his football notoriety into a successful acting career.  He wanted to portray a strong and masculine black man and he felt that the public had a hunger for such a character.  In interviews, he claims to have had three rules, let's hear them (3-rules clip). Some of his other career highlights include being a Blaxploitation movie mainstay, getting kicked off of the Monday night football broadcast lineup, and appearing in Playgirl magazine. costarring: Eva Grimaldi 

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eva_Grimaldiimdb https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0342111/ Maurice Poli wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maurice_Poli Vassili Karis wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vassili_Karisimdb https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0439371/ Sabrina Siani clips from Throne of Fire (1982) mashed up on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8MlZKpkRZ0wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabrina_Siani Screenplay Danilo Massi imdb https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0557366/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm Music Paolo Rustichelli imdb https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0751837/website https://paolo.org/wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paolo_Rustichelli director Stelvio Massi wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stelvio_Massiblack cobra review http://euroactionmovies.blogspot.com/2008/01/black-cobra-review-stelvio-massi-charms.html The DVD cover has the head bad-guy centre and in front of Fred Williamson.  He looks like Commander Chakote from Star Trek Voyager.  Eva Grimaldi is on the right in a spagetti strap dress holding a black cat and the bad guy crew are on motorbikes facing the viewer like on the Metalocalypse intro.  

Black Cobra (1987)

Opening credits with shots of the city and the repetitive soundtrack. Police call comes in and informs us that there is a hostage situation.  Malone arrives in a shitty car and is told to negotiate and accept all the demands of the hostage takers.  Malone walks right into the building which appears to be some kind of an indoor swimming pool.  There are 3 guys with ski masks and two hostages in bathing suits.  Malone walks right in, nobody is watching the door.  One of the hostage takers approaches Malone and tells him to get 2 million bucks and their other demands.  Malone says "No way, pal." and shoots him with a shotgun he had under his trenchcoat and then blasts the other two guys with a handgun and it's over.  Then he shoves a cigar into his mouth.   The cops rush in and he is scolded by his superior for not negotiating and before walking out Malone says in response, "their scum, human garbage." (520 to 538) (clip 6) Now, 6 bad-guys with motor-bikes in an abandoned warehouse.  the head bad-guy is channelling his Arnold Schwarzenegger in terminator with the leather jacket, dark sunglasses, and square jaw.  He does this smile thing and his teeth are gleaming perfect. A couple on the beach in an isolated area.  He is windsurfing and she is barbecuing a beautiful looking steak.  Bad-guys arrive and attack her...they're going to rape her.  Guy comes rushing out of the water to help and head bad-guy shoots him in the back with a shotgun.   The guy was running towards the group of bad guys so if head bad guy misses the shot he hits all his buddies with the shotgun blast. So that's the end of the first 10 minutes.  What do we know? Malone is a badass who gets bad-guys and there is a ruthless gang of bad-guys on the loose. End of first 10 minutes A female photographer taking pictures of a model in a studio.  The photographer (Eva Grimaldi) is so hot.  The model leaves and the photographer's boyfriend arrives.  Their on the outs.   It's night.  Now our hot photographer is arriving at home and when she gets out of her car she sees an assault taking place through the curtains on a home across the street.  A woman exits the house and collapses dead.  The head bad guy comes out of the house next and sees her.  He approaches her and is going to kill her but she flashes him with her camera flash and escapes. The bad guys pile into the back of their flatbed truck with a row of five lights on the roof and give pursuit.  She finds a cop car and the bad guys break-off pursuit and split.  The head bad guy gives us the plot point at the end of Act I that takes us into Act II, (1830 to 1854) ...she took my picture...we have to kill her... something to that effect. (clip 7) Act II The Confrontation So now we get to see the soft side of detective Malone as he scours his cupboards for a can of cat food to feed his hungry cat.  The soft jazz is great (1902-1910, 2049-2103) (clip 8). Malone gets called in by his boss and tells him there has been another murder and it appears to be the same gang of bad guys and there is a witness.  He shows Malone the pictures that were taken of the head bad guy and they are overexposed but you can make out the bad guy's perfect teeth.  The boss tells Malone to protect the witness.   Meanwhile, back in the badguy lair, a dark and cold warehouse lit by a bonfire, the head bad guy disciplines two henchmen for snorting coke. He gives them a pep talk, but i couldn't really understand it...something about elites...then a henchman arrives and says "she's at the hospital" and they ride off. They brutalise some guy with this trick where they place a chain noose around his neck and drag him from a motorcycle until he hits a tree.  Then they take blood from his corpse and rub it on their faces so that they can gain entrance into the hospital.   Soon Malone arrives at the hospital and they have a gun battle in the hallway outside the witness' room.  The head badguy gets away but his two henchmen are killed.  The boss cops arrive and Malone convinces them that the witness needs to stay with him.  The dialogue is hokey, let's listen, (3700-3740) (clip 9)" 

Midpoint The two of them are in the car and she is trying to have a conversation and he is calling her "lady" and saying stuff like this (3909-3915) "stupid... (clip 10)" He treats her like she's a nuisance.  Now back at his apartment, she is sleeping and he's drinking coffee and pacing around his apartment.  He calls a cop buddy and tells him to pick up something from hq and bring it to his apartment.  If the audio quality and dubbing wasn't so bad maybe i could have heard what it was.   It's dawn now, she's looking through a book of bad guys (that's what Malone asked for) to try to identify her bad guy and she can't, or rather, he's not there.  The ice is breaking now, she makes Malone and his cop buddy call her Elise, not "Miss" .  Now, at the station, they create a sketch of the guy based on her encounter.  Malone thinks the sketch is useless and suggests they don't release it to the press but rather use her as bait, (4630-4657) (clip 11).  The camera has a close-up on her face and her eyes say go fuck yourself.  Have i mentioned that she's a total fox... Meanwhile, a badguy henchman breaks into her flat to wait for her should she come home.  She and Malone arrive so that she can pack up some clothes. Malone goes in first and thinks everything looks fine so she goes upstairs to get some clothes while Malone get's some milk in the kitchen. Malone notices some muddy footprints on the kitchen floor and realizes that a bad guy assassin is in the house.  He slowly makes his way upstairs and springs the badguy's trap.  He and the badguy have a fight in the hallway and falling down the stairs.  Malone is stabbed in the arm and he kicks the bad guy through the window and onto the street.   Plot Point Back at the badguy headquarters, the head badguy realizes that they have to go all in on killing Malone and the girl.  Now we get the head cop guy leaving his office and driving with his daughter into an underground parking garage when he encounters the bad guys. The daughter is actress Sabrina Siani...someone made a great video mashup of scenes from Throne of Fire, check out the link in the show notes. They beat up the cop and take his daughter hostage.  The head bad guy says he'll trade Malone and the pictures for his daughter tomorrow at "the old power station" Act III The Resolution Now back at the police station, Malone tells the cop guy that he intends to go face the bad guys at the power station.  Meanwhile, Malone's buddy-cop and the witness have a heart-to-heart where he provides her with Malone's backstory, let's listen (10133-10243) (clip 12).   Then Malone and his buddy-cop get a bunch of guns from a weapons locker in Malone's house and head off to the power station to confront the bad guys.  They have a long gun battle culminating with Malone ripping off Dirty Harry before throwing a knife into the back of the bad guy and saving the girl, let's listen (11052-11138) (clip 13).  Easy-peasy! It seems to be over but it's not. Then we get Malone dropping off the girl at her home like it's the end of a platonic date.  He gets a call to an emergency and leaves. Then we are shown the head bad guy, shirtless, with a knife wound in his back dying his hair blond in front of a bathroom mirror.  How did they not arrest him when he got a knife in his back and fell into a shallow pool of water.  He puts on a shirt and tie and we see a newspaper article telling us that our witness is back to work as a photographer...apparently that's newsworthy.  Then the head bad guy enters a restaurant and orders a scotch at the bar.  We see the photographer and Malone having dinner.  She has just had her first successful photography shoot since all the hubbub. Malone sees the bad guy and when the bad guy is about to kill the photographer he pushes her out of the way and some unlucky bastard gets shot.  They have a short gun battle in the restaurant and then a car chase that culminates in a huge abandoned warehouse with a car crash and Malone slamming the trunk of his car closed on the bad guy's head.   Then a quick scene where Malone is getting ready to leave on a well deserved vacation. The End  

The Black Cobra II (1989)

Opening shots of the city of Chicago...and jazzy jazz.

Now in a parking garage.  A fake blind guy is walking around the garage and Malone is sitting in his car watching him.  A motorbike arrives and meets with the fake blind guy.  A drug exchange is about to take place when the cops turn on the lights and make an arrest.  The guy on the motorbike flees and Malone gives chase.  Motorbike guy crashes and flees on foot and Malone chases on foot.  They are in another parking garage and now onto the street.  Why does the guy still have a helmet on.  I think it's a chick.  This is a very slow chase...they both look tired.  Helmet guy gets hit by a car and when the driver gets out he takes her as a hostage.  Malone blows him away through the helmet and it explodes all over the hostage.   That's why the helmet.   Good scene.  What did we learn.  Malone is a bad-ass, ruthless, and he's getting old.     ...I'm too old for this shit... End of first 10 minutes.  Back at the police department.  His supervisor is yelling at him for being reckless and dangerous.  He tells Malone that the government and Interpol participate in an exchange program with other countries and since Chicago is already hosting Arnold Schwartznegger who is working with Jim Belushi, Malone is being sent to Manila as a part of this program.    Now at the airport in Manila.  Malone has just arrived and some random dude who claims to be American engages him in conversation.  There is another dude with a brief case handcuffed to his wrist and the American dude eyes him.  A minute later the American dude has stolen the brief case and is very slowly getting away so as not to cause a scene.  He checks the bag at a baggage counter and then mails the ticket in an envelope addressed to "Peggy Mallory" before escaping in a taxi.   So then Malone is taking his bags and getting into a line when he notices his wallet is missing.  He seems to think someone took it, maybe the American guy, so he goes running and knocks someone over.  Then he gets taken by security to Captain Kevin McCall of Interpol.  McCall seems generally disagreeable and doesn't seem to like Malone.   Overwhelming late 80's early 90's music during the car ride to the hotel (1658 1752) (clip 15).  And lots of shots of Manila. The next morning, Malone identifies "the American" guy from some mug shots.  Captain McCall knows him as small time pick-pocket and con-man Eddie Mallory.  Plot Point They drive over to Mallory's apartment building to confront him and get Malone's wallet back but when they arrive his apartment's been ransacked and Eddie's dead.  Malone gets his wallet back and they discover a picture of Mallory's daughter.  The cleaning lady tells them where she works because somehow she knows, the Tropicana club. Act II The Confrontation They visit Peggy and tell her that her father was killed.  She tells them that she hasn't seen her father in 3 or 4 weeks.  It's too soon for her to have received the brief case at this point so maybe she's telling the truth.  They leave, and outside Malone and McCall discuss the possibility that Eddie is too small time for someone to have wanted him dead but maybe he stumbled onto something big and was killed in the process.   Malone has dinner at McCall's house with this wife and son.  They like him.  Then he leaves and says he's going to walk back to the hotel.  When he gets back to the hotel he asks the concierge where the Tropicana club is and he walks over to see Peggy. Turns out she's a lounge singer. ( 3148 to 3402) (clip 16).   After the number she tells Malone that shortly after he and detective McCall left her home a letter arrived from her father with a baggage claim and when she picked it up there was $10,000 in it.  As Malone walks her to her car some bad guys show up and chase them.  Malone fights them hand-to-hand until detective McCall arrives.  He was having Malone followed.   Back in McCall's office they trace a car to a local bad guy and they pay him a visit at his business.  The bad guy claims that the car was stolen.  After they leave the bad guy calls his boss and from the conversation it's insinuated that they are going to kill the girl.   Now Malone is on a date with the girl at her club.  He can't figure out why the bad guys seem to be after her and he asks her if there was anything else that her father sent to her in the envelope and she claims that there was not.  There is a performance at dinner and Malone gets roped into dancing.  Afterwords, he accompanies her home and stays for a drink.   Midpoint

When he leaves there is plain clothes guy in a car watching her house but he is quickly shot by a gun with a silencer.  Then the bad guys kidnap her.   The next day Malone and McCall pay a visit to the bad guy's business, some kind of  shipping company.  The front doors are locked but Malone sees a guy in the warehouse and pursues him.  There's some great music (5202 to 5340) (clip 17).  Malone catches the badguy henchman and is trying to beat the location of the girl out of the guy when McCall finds him and makes him stop.  When they get back to the car, we find out that while Malone was chasing the henchman, McCall was bugging the phone.  They listen to the henchman call the head bad guy and mention "microfilm" and "departure" in a couple of hours.  They call the harbor and discover that one of the bad guy ships is scheduled to leave the harbour in 2 hours.   Just then, the bad guy henchman discovers the bug and sees Malone and McCall in the car so he knows they know and get begins shooting at them.  McCall gets shot in the shoulder but Malone is able to get around the back of the henchman and with the aid of some slow-mo, disarm him and blow him away with his shotgun.  Malone and McCall laugh it up then leave the henchman corpse lying in the parking lot and drive off to the marina to meet the ship before it departs with the girl. Meanwhile, the head bad guy arrives back at the business and discovers the dead henchman and the bug on the phone.   Now at the marina.  McCall and Malone run into more henchmen and they have the girl.  They give chase and have a shootout and kill several henchmen.  At one point, Malone shoots a barrel filled with gasoline causing an big explosion.  Then Malone puts his gun down to fight the bad guys hand-to-hand.  He discovers that the girl has been shot dead.  Then he seeks revenge by killing some henchmen with his bare hands.   Outside, McCall's having a time.  Usually uptight, he's blasting bad guys and running out of bullets...he's been shot...at one point, he pretends to get shot and killed and when the bad guy who shot him approaches he shots the bad guy.   The Manila cops finally arrive and Malone and McCall head back to the warehouse and discover that a ton of ammunition is missing and the black bag is there and it looks like the head bad guy now has the microfilm.  Malone and McCall go the hospital to interrogate a surviving henchman/witness.  They want to find out where the microfilm is being sent.  Meanwhile, the head bad guy is disguised as a doctor at the hospital.  He's there to kill the surviving henchman.  As Malone and McCall bust into the room, the head bad guy has already killed the surviving henchman.  

Plot Point Now back at the police station they are interrogating the head bad guy when a news report comes on and describes a hostage situation that the head bad guy's bad guy terrorist group are participating in where they are demanding the release of some political prisoners and McCall is upset because they are holding hostages at the building where his kid is in school.   McCall orders some cop henchmen to take the bad guy away but the bad guy grabs a gun from a cop and tries to escape.  McCall and the bad guy have a quick showdown and McCall blows him away emptying out his revolver in the bad guy's dead body as he lays on the floor.   Act III The Resolution

Next Malone and McCall are outside the building with the hostages.  We are informed that the exchange is about to take place and the kids will be released when a car with some big-wigs arrives and a big-wig tells us that the main political prisoner that was to be exchanged just committed suicide.  Ugggh! What do we do now?  Malone has a plan. He wants to sneak into the building before the terrorists find out about the dead political prisoner.   We get some great dialogue from McCall and his wife, 12010 to 12048 (clip 18). Now the big finish. great music 12101 to 12222 (clip 19) while they prep to break into the building. They make quite the daring entrance into the building.  They have access to the ground floor but need to get to the 5th floor and use the elevator shaft.  They climb ropes. This literally goes on for about 8 minutes.   Finally, they storm the bad guys and kill them before they set off the bombs.   Then we get Malone at the airport and a fantastic scene where McCall and his family see Malone off 13141 to 13214 (clip 20)

The Black Cobra 3 Manilla Connection 

Directed by Dan Edwards Music by Piero Montanari https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0598951/ The opening credits are shown over a long scene where a white army guy breaks into an electronic fenced off army base.  Then an alarm is set off and the white army guy escapes with a bunch of Filipino army guys chasing him through the jungle.  Eventually he shows up at the door or his Filipino girlfriend who was just getting out of the shower.  When she opens the apartment door he collapses...dead. Then some random Filipino dude is wandering through some tall grass and marshy water and he finds a dead white dude lying in the water.  Now, after re-watching these scenes 3 times i think there's about a 52% chance this may or may not be the same guy that just collapsed at his girlfriends.  In the next scene, the shower girl is at work at a military office where she is a secretary.  Some other white dude named Gregory Duncan comes in and flirts with her before entering a meeting with some big-wigs.  She doesn't seem upset over her boyfriend's death. End of first 10 minutes There is a CIA guy and a guy from the state department in the meeting with Gregory's boss. The guys tell Greg that Charlie Hopkins was found dead in a river with no identification.    CIA guy says that the CIA has been arming revolutionaries who are fighting for democracy all over the world.  One of the shipments of weapons was stolen and the state department received an ultimatum from a group who claims to have stolen the shipment. The group is demanding 50 Million in a Swiss bank in 20 days or the group leaks the US treachery to the world press. They want Gregory to find the weapons, destroy them, and destroy all evidence...so basically, they want him to cover up American imperialism and meddling in the politics of sovereign nations.  They assign him a computer and weapons expert and tell him if he wants someone else he should get someone from outside of interpol.  He says he has just the person in mind.   Btw, if you're interested in American imperialism and meddling in the affairs of sovereign nations in real life check out Killing Hope by William Blum on Amazon.com.  Link in the show notes.  Now in a grocery store in Chicago some young punks are being mischievous and disrespectful to the inventory.  In line they pull out guns and announce a robbery but Malone is in line and he coolly thwarts their plans.   Now back at Malone's house.  He's going through his mail and he checks the answering machine.  There is a message from Greg who provides us with the background.  He's the son of Malone's former friend Harry Duncan and he says that "his father always told him that if he ever needed help "don't be afraid to ask Bob Malone".   Then we get a brief scene that is a callback to part 2 where Malone is asking his commanding officer for permission to join Greg on a mission.  In part 2 the same c/o is ordering Malone to go to the Philippines as punishment but now he is asking permission and the c/o doesn't want to send him.  The c/o gets a call from the governor ordering him to send Malone and he does so against his will, prompting the Malone quip, (1925) (clip 21) "I always knew you were a nice guy" Act II The Confrontation Now arriving in the Philippians and checking into his hotel.  He meets a woman at the check-in counter.  She's buts in front of him to ask the desk clerk for help. Then at the elevator, she asks Malone to hold it for her and she starts complaining to another worker about her shower rings prompting the Malone quip (2140) (clip 22) "see you around baby-cakes" Malone meets Greg in his hotel room and Greg takes him to their FBI handler who happens to be the woman from the lobby.  Of course, their earlier encounter amounts to nothing as it's briefly acknowledged that they already met and dropped as a point of contention when Malone transitions the scene by literally saying, "let's talk about business" Malone and the FBI woman head over to Hoskins apartment to search it.  Inside there is a long white shelving unit that i believe was used in Black Cobra II in Peggy's living room.  They find a paper fan with an advertisement for a club called "Fanclub".  It's turns out to be a "bikini club"  They ask around in the club but no one admits to knowing Hoskins.  They leave a picture with Malone's number on it and leave the club.  After they leave we see that everyone there does actually know Hoskins.   Outside, a fake taxi attempts to nab them and Malone gets into a fight with a bunch of guys and the bad guys run off.   The next morning at breakfast, the FBI lady says she has to go to the airport and Greg and Malone go to the port to investigate a lead about a witness to the night of the robbery...what robbery? They speak with a guy at the port and he points them to a warehouse where he claims the thieves stored the stolen goods.  In the warehouse they discover that the goods seem to belong to the former British ambassador before getting into a fight with some henchmen. A henchman was about to tell them some information when a CIA guy emerged and shot him dead.   Back in the hotel, a woman from the bikini club calls Malone and says she has some top secret papers that belonged to Charlie and she wants to meet and exchange them for $1000 tonight. At the meetup, Greg's got a wonderful stone-wash jacket and Malone has his windbreaker sleeves rolled up to just below the elbow as per early 90's fashion would dictate.  The woman turns out to be dead and the papers are missing.  They get her address from her license and leave her corpse there and head over to her apartment.   The fake taxi driver is there with some henchmen and they beat them up.  Then Malone discovers some top secret pictures behind an awesome picture of Jesus on the wall.  Greg also speculates that Tracy (fbi lady) may have set them up. Midpoint

Back at the hotel, Malone, Gregg and Tracy review the pictures.  They find a little figure shape on one of the photos and Malone recognises it as something that he picked up from the bikini girls apartment earlier. Gregg suggests that they try to find out what it means from an antique dealer that he knows in town.   They visit the antique dealer and he tells them to go to a tract of land at the base of some mountain.  When they leave they get into a fight with some bad guys.   Plot Point Then they go back to the hotel and look at some maps and decide to visit a jungle in the morning to find the stash of weapons that they are looking for.   Act III The Resolution Now, traipsing through the jungle, they find a waterfall that they had an intelligence picture of.  They go through it and there is a passageway to a hidden area and the fenced military base from the beginning of the film.  Tracy temporarily disables the electric fence and they get inside. Tracy gets inside the building to do techie stuff while Gregg and Malone look for the weapons cache.  They find the weapons in an underground cavern and plant explosives on them, with the intention of blowing them up.  Wait a minute, Malone discovers a big missile.  So of course, they attempt to activate it to blow up the entire facility.  Some bad guys discover them and set off the alarm and explosions and gun battles ensue.   Malone finds a helicopter and they use it to escape just before the missile blows up the entire weapons cache underground.   Mission accomplished.  Wait.  During the escape, Tracy says that she discovered on the computer, the location of some important guy's palace so they land the helicopter.  They storm the palace killing all the guards until they get to the head guy.  Let's listen to what happens, 1:26:08 to 1:27:13 (clip 23).  Tracy changed the message to the press to the Humpty Dumpty poem and the blip blip you hear is the message being displayed on the terminal.  Malone says that the "blackmail is over" but it should be noted that the reason why this group was able to blackmail the CIA in the first place is because the CIA was engaged in illegal arming of rebels in the course of rampant American imperialism. Then the CIA guy walks in and says the CIA will take over from here.  They turn to leave and the CIA guy pulls out a gun and is going to shoot them when Malone shoots him first.  So it seems the CIA guy was really working with the group that stole the shipment of weapons. Then the three of them leave and they make some joke about the three of them getting together in the future to whitewash more American imperialism. Great end credits song, 1:29:45 to 1:31:27 (clip 24)

Detective Malone Manilla Connection

  • Fred Williamson

  • Karl Landgren

  • Bob Rhodes

  • Ronald Russo

  • Elena Wiederman

  • Maurice Poli

  • Richard Brown

Screenplay: Ronald Russo Director: Bob Collins They made a movie out of recycled scenes from "Black Cobra" and "Black Cobra II" and some deleted scenes from "Black Cobra" and to tie it all together, some new footage with new actors who did not appear in "Black Cobra" and the whole thing is dubbed in French so they can have a new script. Some military footage Woman in shower She wakes a guy up  She starts a blender with a tv remote control Breakfast with guy Malone opening a weapons locker Ending gun battle scene from Black Cobra A deleted scene with the head bad guy practice fighting with his lieutenant The bad guy gang getting pumped planning an attack A new scene with the man and woman doing it. Man leaves for work and watches war simulations on several small TVs in a dark lab. head bad guy is posing as a big-wig and meeting with a banker doing some kind of financial transaction with a metal briefcase when two of the gang kidnap and rob them.  Malone shows up and it's the first scene of Black Cobra Kidnap the man (engineer) and bring him back to bad guy head quarters ...it just keeps going on like this...recycled footage, deleted footage, new footage to tie it together, repeat...and it's actually pretty good.  I wish i knew what they were saying.  It looks like a good film.

Fair Game (1995)

  • wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fair_Game_(1995_film)

  • One of the Baldwin brothers

  • Cindy Crawford - model married to Richard Gere, then divorced and married Rande Gerber, two kids who are clones of her.

  • Steven Berkoff - Cousin Gaila's (the weapons dealer) partner in DS9

  • Christopher McDonald

  • Salma Hayek

  • Miguel Sandoval

  • Johann Carlo

  • Jenette Goldstein - Vasquez from Aliens

  • Olek Krupa

  • John Bedford Lloyd

  • Don Yesso

  • Sonny Carl Davis

  • Scott Michael Campbell

  • Frank Medrano

Music Mark Mancina Screenplay Charlie Fletcher Director Andrew Sipes Opening credits over Cindy running on the beach awful music.  Same orange and sunset colors as beginning sequence in Cobra. She runs into the strip and a drive-by-shooter shoots up a store window and she gets a little cut on her arm. Now in a cop station and Max (William Baldwin) is on the phone being denied for a loan due to bad credit, he's acting belligerent.  His ex-girlfriend (Selma Hayek) arrives and makes a scene because he won't move his stuff out of her apartment.   A prisoner grabs a gun from a bail bondsman, guns are drawn, and the bail bondsman is taken hostage.  Max engages the prisoner with humor and bravado and disarms him by smashing him in the face with a keyboard.   Then Max and Kate (as Eli Wallach taught us in The Holiday) have their "meet-cute" and establish that they are attracted to each other but consider each other adversaries...she's a lawyer, he's a cop.   End of First 10 minutes Get a small scene to show us that Kate is a good lawyer and works hard for her clients and has to deal with dodgy lawyers who are basically criminals. Now bad guys in a high-tech facility doing bad guy surveillance stuff and they access Kate's driver's licence and her house on some kind of precursor to Google Earth and they are planning to kill her. Max is leaving the office and his boss tells him that he forgot to have Kate sign her witness statement so he need's to go to her home and get it.   Plot Point

Kate arrives at her home that looks like a giant boat surrounded by a narrow moat.  She gets her orange kitty a saucer of milk.  A bad guy hitman arrives outside across the narrow river.  It looks like he is going to wait until she steps out onto the balcony and shoot her.  Then Max arrives outside the narrow river.   Kate steps out onto the balcony turns around to switch on her television and it blows up and she is sent flying out into the river.  Badguy begins shooting a machine gun at her.  Max dives into the river shooting at the bad guy and rescues her.   Act II The Confrontation

Suddenly, these two bumbling cops and Max are taking Kate to a trashy--but spacious--hotel.  Kate orders a pizza on her credit card and the bad guys detect the transaction from inside the bad-guy van in REAL TIME. They intercept the pizza delivery guy and blast him, then deliver the pizza themselves.   They have some super-infrared heat sensor so they can see the movements of everybody in the building.  Max is running around in jeans and no shirt and Kate is wearing a heals, a skirt, and tank-top.  They both get wet from all the burst plumbing...it's tre-sexy.  Max kills everyone except the sexy tough gal assassin and they escape.   Max calls his lieutenant and they arrange to get the feds involved and meet in a parking garage.  Then he calls a ballistics buddy to check on an unusual shell casing he found during the shootout at the hotel.   The feds turn out to be the bad guys and max again has to shoot his way out of the situation. I've never seen so much spraying water in a movie.  There are burst pipes everywhere.  They both look like they've been running through the water cannon gauntlet in the kids' area at Wild Water Kingdom.   They check into another hotel.  Max calls the ballistics lady and she tells Max that she traced the bullet to the KGB...of course!!! it's the commies! Call Rachel Maddow! Tell her she was right!  Midpoint

Ballistics girl tells Max that the KGB are big on electronic surveillance and Max realizes in a soliloquy (44:20 to 44:40) that they are able to surveill him using the phones.  This seems to swing the momentum in his favor and he goes on the offensive (45:05 to 46:08) They flee the hotel and Max drops their cell phone into a truck hauling hogs at a gas station.  The bad guys follow the hog truck and lose Max and Kate.   The next morning Max and Kate try to find out who could be trying to kill Kate.  They connect "online" to Kate's office and she reviews her client list and makes a connection.  They fax the information to ballistics lady.   Meanwhile, the bad guys are catching up to them.  One bad guy van comes after Max and Kate and another pays a visit to the ballistics lady.  There is a highway chase culminating in a bad guy van explosion and Max and Kate escaping.   Then Kate runs away from Max.  She jumps into a train and Max pursues her in a car.  He drives along side of the train after her and then jumps into the open train car when she is just as his car hits a hydro pole and blows up.   She punches him for being so dangerous and then they start to bang.   Unfortunately, the bad guy are flying above the train in a helicopter and they detect Max and Kate with their ridiculous heat sensing scope. They interrupt during the intercourse and a gun battle ensues.  Max is wounded and Kate is taken by the bad guys.   Act III The Conclusion

The bad guys take Kate to their secret lair and the lead bad guy let's Kate in on his entire evil scheme, (113:13 to 114:01) and (114:16 to 114:49) they show us a bomb (115:03 to 115:22).   Meanwhile, Max has taken some intell off of a dead guy and he has a walkie-talkie so he can listen to their chatter.  He calls them from "Downs Bay" so now they know he's alive and that he knows their plan so they have to get him.   They send a couple of thugs to kill him but he kills them first and takes one of their wet-suits and heads out on their boat to the bad guy lair boat where he can have a final showdown and rescue Kate. In the end, Max does rescue Kate, the bad guy are all killed weather by Max, or in the explosion of the bad guy boat ( I must have missed why there was a bomb on board the boat ). Max and Kate jump off of the boat as it explodes and jet back to shore in a smaller boat that was just sitting there and was not damaged in the huge explosion. The End What a shitty movie.    Here are some of the tedious tropes used in this movie:

  • lawyers are corrupt

  • cops are frat boys with guns

  • lawyers and cops hate each other

  • Russia is an evil arch enemy of the USA

  • It's okay to be snarky and sarcastic when performing your job as opposed to professional

  • People who deal with computers are nerds.

  • Spanish women are hot blooded

...well, i'm probably being a bit harsh.  you need to buy into some tropes to make a believable film.  I guess i just didn't like it. The consolation is that it was unintentionally amusing at times and you do get to see Cindy Crawford's breasts briefly and she spends the entire movie running around in a sexy outfit. The budget for this thing was $50 million. Next week on The Predictably Treacherous Podcast, it's the beginning of season 2, with Banacek.

Tune in!