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PT - Movie - 008 - Don Dohler

Updated: Jan 26

Season 1 of the Predictably Treacherous Podcast continues with the films of B-Movie icon Don Dohler.

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Show Notes Welcome everyone to The Predictably Treacherous Podcast.  In today's episode we will be looking at the films of independent filmmaker Don Dohler.   There's a documentary about Don Dohler called Blood, Boobs, and Beasts that i watched a few years back and that inspired me to have a Don Dohler episode on the podcast.  The documentary is fun and light...no big revelations, no big investment.  Like a good "B" movie, its about 70 minutes long. First, let's talk a little bit about Don Dohler. Here's what wikipedia had to say about his early life.  "Dohler was born in Baltimore, Maryland. When he was a child, his mother bought him a film projector and one day he drew stick figures on a piece of scotch tape. He ran the tape through the projector and just before the tape burned up inside of the projector, he saw the animated figure dance on the wall and that’s when he knew he wanted to make films." isn't that special...sounds like bullshit. See, I don't know why there has to be a moment in his childhood where he knew he would be a filmmaker.  I feel like this is looking back at your childhood when you ARE a filmmaker and reinterpreting your childhood experiences through the lens of what you would eventually become. This reminds me of that book The Everything Store (about Amazon) and apparently Jeff Bezos asked the author how he was going to avoid the "narrative fallacy" when writing the book.  The narrative fallacy is the tendency to take a complex situation with lots of facts and weave it into an overly-simplified story.   Again from wikipedia..."In 1961 at the age of 15, Dohler started a Mad-style fanzine called WILD. Mad had Alfred E. Neuman as a mascot, so Dohler used his middle-school creation, Pro Junior, as WILD’s mascot. In WILD’s peak it had contributors such as Jay Lynch, Art Spiegelman, and Skip Williamson, who later went on to be famous in the underground comix movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s." Before there was filmmaking there was publishing.  After WILD and Pro-Junior he published a film magazine Cinemagic...again from wikipedia"In the mid 1960s Dohler came up with an idea for a magazine for filmmakers. It would feature illustrated step-by-step articles for amateur special effects filmmakers. Inspired by his underground comix friends, Dohler set off to publish the magazine on his own. Cinemagic featured articles by industry professionals[3] and went on for 11 issues before being purchased by Starlog in 1979." You can watch the documentary Blood, Boobs, and Beasts to get all the details on Don Dohler, but now I'm going to take a look at his films.  After the success of his first film and the poor results of his second film, pressures from financial backers and distributors lead to the inclusion of more blood, gore, and nudity in the later films. I'm going to be discussing:

Then i'll say a few words on the Joe Ripple films Before we begin. I didn't go to film school.  I learned all i know about screenwriting from reading Syd Field books. Check out his breakdown of screenplays into three acts in "The Paradigm" section on wikipedia.I try to break down movies into three acts: Act I The Setup (0-30)

  • first 10 minutes

  • plot point at the end of act I

Act II The Confrontation (30-90)

  • the midpoint

  • plot point at the end of act II

Act III The Resolution (90-120) You may also want to check out the Scriptnotes podcast Let's dig in. The Alien Factor (1978) Don Dohler's first film.  Beautiful 3 min 15 sec opening credits sequence with alien looking computer screens and space and unsettling music.  A lot of work went into this. First 10 Minutes couple drinking and lightly making out in a car parked in the tall grass by a lake in the late fall, day time. A large creature grabs the guy through the window and drags him from the car while the girl screams and runs away. Sheriff driving on a country road, on CB.  Speaking with deputy, "boy killed, looks like an animal attack, girl in shock." Drops off girl and body at a doctor's house in the country.   Great music throughout...especially during non talking scenes......very alien sounding...seems like it may have been influenced by Forbidden Planet. mayor enters the scene and three guys that were friends with the victim show up and want to help.  Sheriff wants to get rid of them. A strange spinning triangle of light appears at the feet of the men but they don't seem to notice it.   End of first 10 minutes Dusk.

A drunk riding his motorbike on the country road. A couple at the lake. Guy wants to make-out and she is not interested.  He returns to car while she walks around lake. The spinning light appears again and seems to change into a man like figure with brown sinewy skin.  She sees him from the bushes next to a large alien ship structure in a clearing.  She steps on a branch and he turns and looks at her.  She screams and runs, get hit by the drunk on the motorbike. drunk get up to check girl but alien approaches and he splits.  Alien uses powers to wipe girl's memory.  Guy from car finds girl.  She can't remember what happened. Back in clinic.  Autopsy being done.  Doesn't look like animal attack. (Plot Point) A journalist using a typewriter in the most ergonomically inadvisable way possible in her home.  Typewriter sounds like hail stones on a tin roof.  I don't remember type writers sounding like this when I was young.  Maybe i was living during the technological apex of the "age of typing" and just didn't know it. She calls the doctor and speaks with Ruth who won't give her any info about cause of death.  In a sea of bad acting, the actress playing the doctor is putting on a bad acting clinic.  More than just what she is saying, she is making these screwed up faces like she is having difficulty understanding and seeing something close to her face.  (Clip) 17:18    It's strange to show a phone conversation and only hear one side at a time.  At one point Edi is asking Ruth a question but we don't hear Ruth's response and then Edi responds to Ruth's response, that we didn't hear...it's confusing.    Act II The Confrontation three friends and a girl venture into the woods with rifles to search for the "animal" that killed the boy.  again great music...mysterious, unsettling. they pass by a dead tree and there is an alien camouflaged by the dark wood.  The alien is tall and dark...looks like a man wearing a jacket covered in tar. You have to be paying attention to see it.  It attacks the three boys and kills them.  The girl screams and the scene transitions. The scene was really well done except for the killings which look like Star Trek TOS killings...that is, implied killings with a close-up on the victim's screaming face and cut. Downtown, small town. sheriff is on the phone talking to the journalist about the kids who were just killed.  Sheriff and deputy plan on going into the forest that night to look for the animal.   Some dude's house in the country. Snowing. The spinning light attacks with man. Some kids playing with a large ball by a school with no snow on ground. They stumble across a decayed body of the man who was attacked.  Not sure if this is another day.  Also, the body doesn't appear to have been moved as it looks like the place where the man was killed but it was no where near a school and the ground was covered with snow, when the man was killed.  No matter.  the body looks great.  Looks green and shrunken.  Don't worry about the details.   Doctor Ruth speaking with sheriff, she tells him that the body looks like it has aged rapidly and dehydrated.  It looks similar to a disease that affects children but can't be that because that disease is progressive and this happened quickly. Mayor shows up.  He's worried about these killings ruining a business deal for an amusement park.  Sheriff wants to call the state police but mayor dissuades him...he doesn't want bad publicity. 27:48 to 29:03 Night in a bar. dude drinking beers. 70's band playing...they play an entire song and there are two girls dancing...sounds pretty good. singer dressed like austin powers and the bassist looks like he should be playing bass for dethklok. Edi was listening to this when she was hail storm typing earlier.  OK, so the dude leaves...he goes home and starts reading a monster magazine and drinking a beer in his room, so weird. hears a noise and leaves his room to check it out. goes down to basement...it's dark...turns light on and a giant sasquatch looking monster is right in front of him.  He tries to shoot it but gets killed.    Benjamin Zachery shows up at the mayor's house and they have a fantastic interaction, let's listen 37:12 39:33  He works at the observatory.  He observed a meteorite and wants to look for it.  mayor tells him about the killings.  tells him about the amusement park business venture.   The Midpoint he and mayor go into woods and hike up to suspected crash site.  there is an alien ship and an injured alien.  the alien looks like Brutus on the cover of Dr. Ronald Chevalier's "Brutus & Balzaak" novel in "Gentleman Broncos".  Also, sort of like a long haired Andorian from Star Trek TOS. The alien has long white hair with bangs and a wrinkled greenish face but otherwise is like a man wearing space uniform overalls like Scott Bakula in Enterprise. The alien communicates telepathically with Benjamin.   (Plot point) Tells him that the ship is about to explode and that there are 3 alien creatures like animals and 1 who is cunning and a psychopath (the spinning energy triangle). They tell the sheriff, the reporter, and the doctors back at the sheriff's office.   Benjamin proposes that he can kill the creatures with his special equipment.  The mayor accepts the arrangement and gives Benjamin a couple of days to deal with the creatures.   Act III The Resolution The reporter pulls her car up to the forest area and walks into the forest with a can of gasoline.  She runs into Steven (doctor) in the forest. While they're talking the tall tar monster creature emerges and they run.  As they fall and are about to be killed, some invisible force stops him.   Benjamin emerges and explains that he used a high pitch speaker to crack the outer shell of the tar monster.  The creature looks more insect like now then tar like. Mary Jane arrives at the sheriff's office and she and the deputy have a conversation that reveals to the audience that high pitched sounds like screaming may have saved the women from becoming victims of previous attacks.   Sheriff is driving to the mayor's house to talk with him about bringing in the state police when he sees Mary-Jane running by scared.  He stops his car and MJ says the mayor is dead and a creature is chasing her.  Then the creature emerges and they get in the car and try to drive away but the car is skidding in the ice.   They make it to the mayor's but the creature is right behind them.  The creature is a person on meter high stilts in a hairy beast costume.  It looks really cool it just moves really slow.  Benjamin arrives and shoots the creature with a needle of poison that he extracted from the insect creature that he killed the night before.   The sheriff gets a call from the Observatory.  He had called the previous day and left an inquiry about Benjamin Zachary who claimed to work there...they have no Benjamin Zachary.   Night. The reporter again wanders into the forest alone.  She sees mr Zachary.  He is having a fight with a lizard like beast that is projected on screen.  He looks like he's getting destroyed and suddenly the beast collapses.   Then the reporter approaches Benjamin who is in the shadows.  He tells her that he is also an alien and he was sent to kill the alien creatures that crashed here.  In the fight his human disguise was ruined and his true form would be too scary for her.  She wants to see him and approaches and he is ugly and scary.   The sheriff, not knowing that the ugly alien is Benjamin, shoots him to save Edi.   Fiend (1980) Don Dohler's 2nd film 3 min 10 second opening scene.  A red spirit floating in a graveyard enters a grave and reanimates a corpse.   A couple is making out and when the guy leaves to get a blanket from the car, the reanimated corpse grabs the woman by the back of the throat and steals her life energy (glowing red).  Then the reanimated corpse looks a little more human and a little less dead.   Kingsville (April)suburb.  lots of families and kids.  it starts raining and everybody runs inside.The reanimated corpse walks up to a house with a for sale sign.  He picks up the sign and rings the doorbell.  It's implied that he killed the owner and now lives there. Milford (October)A woman drops off her work colleague on a country road.  The colleague walks in a remote area over grass and dirt in heels.  She bumps into Longfellow (the reanimated corpse) who steals her life force.   End of first 10 minutes Longfellow arrives home in a car.gets cat some food.goes to the basement and drinks some winegoes into a ritual room where he lights some candles and then sticks a knife into a picture of the woman that he recently killed on her way home from work and who's home he is now living in.  let's listen to how bad this is, 13:00 to 14:05 That was Longfellow stabbing the picture. Now some dude in his car coming home from work.  On the radio they are talking about the recent killings.  He argues with his wife about not liking the new neighbor Longfellow. Back to Longfellow, drinking wine, and soliloquies...and tomorrow we renew again" 18:48 18:56  Outside an A & P and woman bringing groceries back to her VW bus.  Longfellow follows her home.  Attacks her and kills her. Longfellow kills Don Dohler's daughter out behind the house and ambulance comes and picks her up. This is a scene where he used his actual daughter, put her on the gurney and loaded her into the ambulance. The guy who doesn't like Longfellow is driving back with his wife and they see the ambulance. They talked to a local and discover that the little girl is dead and dude is pissed at Longfellow says he should know something about it. Later that night the guy goes over to confront Longfellow. He and Longfellow are talking in Longfellow's house and Longfellow tells the same story, that he was listening to music with his assistant and they didn't hear or see anything. Longfellow leaves the room to get some wine and the guy snoops around Longfellow's house. Later Longfellow Chase's some woman walking her dog in the forest and attack sir. Some guy here is it comes to her rescue and he is killed by Longfellow. Girl runs away the Longfellow chases her and gets her. Neighbor guy goes to see Fry at his office and confronts him about the alibi that he provided for Longfellow. Neighbor guy tell his wife Longfellow looked 70 years old leaving this house just now. And he tells wife that he snuck around in Longfellows and saw pictures of women that were slashed up. Next scene Longfellow is seen looking out his window at the neighbor's wife and taking a picture. Longfellow leaves on a walk and a neighborhood kid is in a tree watching him and follows him. Longfellow meets fry in the woods and kills Fry in the kid witnesses it and the kid runs off and Longfellow was unaware that he witnessed it. Neighbor guy picked up a book on demonology. He's reading it and discovers a clue about Longfellow someone in the book described a fiend in the fiend feeds off the life-force of people and it's forced to kill people take their life force in order to stay alive. And apparently, the fiend is named Dorian and the neighbor guy remembers that that's the name of Longfellow's cat. Neighbor goes to the graveyard at Longfellow came from and talks with the caretaker. Caretaker tells him that Longfellow died 12 years ago and happens to have a picture of him in his wallet. Neighbor buys picture and says he'll photocopy it and send the guy back a copy. The little boy Jimmy comes over to tell the neighbor something. But the neighbors not home. neighbor goes over to Jimmy's to talk to him and Jimmy is now scared and doesn't want to talk. Meanwhile Longfellow calls neighbor's wife since he sick can she bring over some aspirin and she reluctantly agrees. Is the big Showdown. neighbor finally gets to me to tell him that he witnessed Longfellow strangling fry. Neighbor and Jimmy return to the neighbor's house to get wife and call cops. Meanwhile neighbor's wife walks into Longfellows and wanders around his house finding his hidden rooms and it's candles and finally a picture of herself and she's horrified she tries to leave and she bumps into the dead body of fry. Then Longfellow emerges looking the all corpse like and attacks her. Husband and Jimmy hear her screams from his house and run into Longfellows house to rescue wife. Wife is dead. neighbor attacks Longfellow and struggles with him. Jimmy grabs sword from the wall and stabs Longfellow. The spirit leaves Longfellow and his lifeless body falls to the ground rubbery and the spirit leaves through the house and then disappears in the sky the end. Nightbeast (1982) Written and Directed by Don Dohler Music Rob Walsh and Jeffrey Abrams (JJ Abrams at 16 years old) A space ship flying through space collides with an asteroid (I think) and then the ship crashes on earth.  An alien monster emerges from the ship and then the ship explodes.  Three drunken hicks are sleeping nearby at a campsite and one drunk witnesses the crash and the explosion. The sheriff gathers a posse to investigate the crash that several people in the town have witnessed while the hicks head over to the crash site independently.  The nightbeast makes short work of the hicks, vaporizing them with his ray gun.    Then a car with 2 kids (Don Dohler's kids Greg and Kim) in the back stops and the driver gets out to take a leak.  The nightbeast bludgeons him and he is lying on the hood of the car bloodied with his eye popping out.  The kids run off and the beast gives chase. A couple making out in a house.  The gal hears a noise outside and the guy grabs his rifle and heads out into the darkness to investigate.  Guy doesn't see anything and is about to head back in when the nightbeast grabs him and rips out his intestines.  The gal (early 80's foxy) runs out screaming and attacks the nightbeast but is killed.   The kids witness this and run off, back to the car.  The nightbeast gives chase and vaporizes the car with his ray gun.   Act II The Confrontation Sheriff's posse arrives at the crash site.   The nightbeast open fires vaporizing several members of the posse.  One dude charges the nightbeast and gets bludgeoned by a backhand. Sheriff and crew retreat. Back at the sheriff's office they get a call from a "George Michaels" about a weird sighting. The sheriff and the female deputy investigate.  They approach an old farmhouse.  The nightbeast opens fire.  Reinforcements arrive in the form of crack shot Bill Perkins and his son (played by Don Dohler).   Bills son gets vaporized and Bill manages to shoot the gun out of the nightbeast's hand.   Now in a backyard with a swimming pool and a lady in a bikini swimming.  The sheriff and the mayor are arguing about calling for reinforcements to go after the beast.  Sheriff wants help and the mayor is hesitant because of elections coming up.   You may recall that this is essentially the same plot as in Alien Factor except substitute real estate deal for upcoming elections.  It's even the same actors playing the sheriff and the mayor.   Nightbeast essentially seems to be a rewrite of is almost exactly the same as Alien Factor it just has more swearing and is a bit more sexed up. Both of he doctors are played by the same actors as in Alien Factor. The sheriff and the doctor go into the woods to get the body of one of the posse that was killed but it's gone.   Don Leifert plays "Drago", a biker with a bad attitude.  Let's listen to the Drago introduction (clip). In one scene he slaps around his girl and rips her top.  Swearing, violence, sex, all in one scene. Suddenly Drago leaves and the sheriff and a dude that has been seeing Drago's girl behind his back, arrive and we get some nudity.  Fairly pointless nudity.  We watch her change and pack her bags so she can be evacuated with the rest of the town.  Then Drago comes back and beats her up chokes her to death it seems (hard to tell but will be confirmed later). Back at the mayor's pool...foxy girls in bikinis...and the governor.  The sheriff shows up and they break up the party.   At the doctor's house the nightbeast arrives and starts killing guys who are dropping off dead bodies.  The doctors flee into a basement and they are able to electrocute the nightbeast and escape before it wakes up. Drago drinking a beer in the forest when the dude that was seeing Drago's girl bursts into the scene and attacks Drago. During the fight the colors are more on the sepia side and then suddenly change to cooler colors.  The dude's shirt is yellowish brown and suddenly is blue checked. The dude finally overpowers Drago and is smashing his head on the ground but he doesn't finish the job.  Why? Drago just killed your girl--that's really his girl--and he would have killed the dude.  Should have smashed his head into pulp and left the bastard. Now the sheriff and the female deputy find the guy who got his intestines ripped out in the road and the nightbeast approaches them.  They shoot and flea.  The sheriff gets injured but they manage to get away and they go to the doctor's house.   No doctor, so the female deputy has to take off the sheriff's pants and patch him up.  Then she undresses and takes a shower, comes back in a towel and they do it.   Apparently, this was Don Dohler's mother's hairdresser.  They talk about this in the doc.  Dohler was too embarrassed to ask her to do a nude scene so he had someone else do it--may have been joe ripple, not sure---She gets totally naked and doesn't look shy about it.  This is not the most glamorous sex scene, but good for her I think she looks great.  Back at the mayor's. This Mary-Jane is a fox.  The actress is Eleanor Herman and she is now a writer, check out her twitter https://twitter.com/eleanorherman She writes books about history and specifically, the history of royals, like kings and queens.  The doctor arrives and tells them to evacuate immediately.  After he leaves they are killed by the NightBeast. The sheriff shows up and discovers the dead bodies.   Act III The Resolution Back at the sheriff's office they learn that the state police have not been notified of the situation.  They are going to evacuate but the dude who was seeing Drago's girl suggests that they try to electrocute it and the rest buy it.  They plan to set up a trap at the doctor's house.   Drago shows up and attacks the female deputy when she is alone.  The sheriff hears the struggle and investigates but Drago attacks him and takes his gun.  Then as Drago is about to execute the sheriff, the guy who was seeing Drago's girl shoots Drago.   Now they have an industrial electrical coil (it's pretty awesome actually).  The female deputy is in a sexier outfit because her police uniform ripped in the fight with Drago. Stephen, the Doctor, has a shotgun, and i suddenly see the neighbor from Fiend.  I don't remember him being in the movie up to this point.   The nightbeast grabs Steven and kills him.  The neighbor, sheriff, and female deputy start shooting at the nightbeast.  The neighbor is lying prone, shooting then action rolling over, reloading and shooting again.  Remember that the Nightbeast doesn't have a weapon.  Why the action roll? He's not being shot at. They finally lure the Nightbeast into the electrical wires and manage to electrocute it and it explodes.  The dude who was seeing Drago's girl gets electrocuted in the process.   The End Pan to the sky and roll end credits The Galaxy Invader (1985) Act I The Setup Something crashes from the sky. We are shown from the POV of something leaving the crash site.   A kid in a phone booth calls a sleeping professor (the mayor from the previous films) early.  I was in your class.  You like UFOs.  I saw one.Arrange to meet in kid's small town about 5 hours away. Young couple in their kitchen.  She is dead sexy in her 80's pink cotton lounge/exercise wear.  Short shorts, midriff bearing, and big frizzy bangs.  They hear something.He grabs a knife from the knife block.They slowly enter the basement (real slow and tense).They look around...another noise.The GI jumps out from the shadows.  He fights it with the knife and a shovel but it smacks him unconscious.  She hits it with a lamp and gets backhanded unconscious.  It walks out.Looks kind of like...start with a Gorn but darker around the eyes doesn't hiss and more of a normal size man shape as opposed to a hulking beastly man, and a flatter man face, not a long dog like face...basically, a man in a green costume. End of first 10 minutes Great scene! There's so much here.Trashy family at breakfast.  Mom cooking eggs. 50's dialogue.  father, "...as long as your living under my roof..." and tells the wife to "shut up" frequently.son J.J. looks like a 40 year old. 25 year old daughter Carol in an white tanktop with no bra. she's mouthy and defiant. wants to leave so she can meet her boyfriend.  father Joe is a drunk and abusiveand wearing an undershirt with a giant hole in the chest.  He doesn't like boyfriend's father and doesn't want carol to go.  slaps her.  she throws a glass of water in his face and leaves.  He gets his shotgun and goes after her.mother tells 40 year old son to bring father back.  Carol runs right past the GI.  Joe sees GI.  Shots it with shotgun.  It runs away.  Leaves glowing pulsing white orb.Carol meets boyfriend.  They want to get married.  He wants her to get away from her father and she doesn't want to leave mom and sister with him.   Professor meets kid.  They establish that no one seems to know about the UFO crash. They hike into trees to look for crash site. Dialogue is incredible...very contrived.JJ and Joe bring orb back to house.  Carole and boyfriend show up.  Boyfriend confronts Joe.  Joe threatens boyfriend with shotgun.  boyfriend OK, I'll leave, whoa, what's that pointing at orb.  JJ, green man, dad shot him, dropped the orb.  father shut up JJ, i don't want anyone to know.  (a little late, he just told everything). Plot PointThis guy Frank (Don Leifert) shows up at the farmhouse to meet Joe and see the orb.  Frank puts it together that the orb and green man came from the UFO that he heard about from his criminal associates.Frank thinks if they catch the green man they can make a lot of dough.(Clip)Frank leaves.JJ is going to put the orb back in the garage when he hears a noise.  Its the GI and it tases JJ ACT II Confrontation A bar.  Frank and his lady Vicki arrive.  Frank proposes to the entire bar that they need a posse to hunt something that night.  Something big...big bucks.  Need guys with guns.  Joe returns home to find JJ unconscious and the orb missing. That night, the posse shows up outside Joe's and they set off to hunt the GImeanwhile, david and the prof call off the search and go to the bar.  They overhear Vicki bragging about the spaceman and she tells them where the possee is searching for him.They catch the GI in a nighttime forrest shootout.  The GI's weapon shoots like fireworks.  4 of the rednecks get killed. They tie up the GI and lock him in Joe's garage. Midpoint David and the prof arrive at the garage and untie the GI.  The three make a break for it and the prof gets shot dead by Frank.  Then the GI shoots Frank before Frank can shoot David and David flees.  Then Joe shots the GI and he goes down.  Joe takes his gun.   Carol finds Steve in the woods and convinces him to come with her to get her boyfriend so that they can stop Joe.  The three make plans to get the orb and the gun from Joe and return it to the GI so that he will leave them alone. Pointless creepy sceneThat night, Carol wakes from her sleep and wanders down to the basement.  She moves around slowly in the dark until the GI emerges from the shadows and she freaks out.  He runs.  This scene seemed to have no purpose other than to scare.   Next day, Joe awakes on couch with gun, still wearing the same undershirt with a large hole in the chest and the stomach.  This guy must stink. He goes outside and walks around looking for anyone in his family but they are all gone.   The family is in the woods meeting boyfriend and David.  They plan to go back to the house to get the gun from Joe. Annie is reluctant to go. They have to convince her.  She is Don Dohler's daughter so she needs a spotlight scene. Back at the house, Vicki arrives looking for Frank.  Joe says he's in the woods and then tries to rape Vicki.  She runs and he shoots her the the ray gun.  Then he moves her body out of sight and goes back inside and gets drunk and passes out.   Act III The Conclusion The team arrives and easily takes the gun and orb from Joe because he's unconscious.  Michael, David, and Carol go into the woods looking for the GI to return the gun.   Long pointless scene with them wandering through the woods.  Then back at the house Frank wakes up with the remaining family sitting around him.  He's pissed and wants to know where the gun is.  They won't let him leave so he pushes Ethel and Annie aside and JJ slow motion slugs him with a left cross and he gut punches JJ and is after them.  Joe immediately catches up with them because apparently they were doing circles 100 meters from the farmhouse. He has them cornered at the edge of a precipice somehow.   (Music is really good).   The GI shows up and Joe shoots him with the rifle and then the Ray gun.  Boyfriend takes the opportunity to jump Joe.  They fight and the family just stands there watching.  Joe get on boyfriend and is chocking him to death...everyone is just watching.  Ethel finally picks up the rifle and smashes him n the back of the head.  Joe goes flying off of the cliff (like Raiders of the Lost Arc) like a rag doll and falls like 50 meters.   Both he and the GI are dead.  Roll the sad piano music.   Blood Massacre (1988) A gang that robs businesses.After robbing a video store "Roxy Video" they have to abandon their car and hijack another car on a remote country road.  They go to the family home of the woman's car that they hijack.  She turns out to be a psycho and so does   A really short intro and it's right into the movie after about 15 seconds. George Stover, Rizzo, the doctor from the previous films. He enters a dive bar and acts like a real dick. He orders a beer then he tells the waitress to f-off and he gets kicked out. Later on when the bouncer who kicked him out gets into his car to leave Rizzo is in the back seat and he chokes the guy to death with some rope. The bouncer looks like Chris Christie a little. Then Rizzo re-enters the bar at closing time and he stabs to death this woman that he was flirting with the first time he was in the bar. A art student named Bonnie driving in a top-down cobra she's an art student and she arrives at some house in the country to inquire about a room for rent.  She speaks with a hot chick in a bikini. There's some creepy guy who has blood on his shirt and he says he was working with his Hogs and he starts making inappropriate jokes with Bonnie about how if he poses in the nude charges extra. Now Rizzo, Jimmy, Jimmy's brother, and Monica (the robbers) arrive at a savings and loan office but they are squabbling over it being too busy and secured with cameras. Rizzo sees a "Roxy Video" store and he goes inside and the rest follow him. Inside Rizzo picks up a movie, its Galaxy invader. Then they pull out their guns and their knives and they rob the place and its customers. Some store clerk a woman tries to be a hero and grab a gun but the brother shoots her and flee the scene.  it's dark now. They drive away. aside: the last blockbuster video in North America is in portland oregon: https://www.wweek.com/arts/movies/2018/07/12/the-blockbuster-in-bend-oregon-will-soon-be-the-only-blockbuster-left-in-the-country/

I read on Twitter or somewhere that there is talk of turning it into a museum but I can't find an article on that.  Back in the aughts I used to buy the previously viewed dvds at the locations on Eglinton East of Yonge and the location at Yonge just North of St. Claire Plot Point The car runs out of gas they think they took a bullet to the gas tank. So the brother and Monica hike out to the recent gas station they pass to get gas. A car drives by and they hijack it. They pick up Rizzo and the dude and the four of them decide to keep Liz (the driver) as a hostage and drive to her family home. Act II The Confrontation They drive to Liz's family home.  Liz doesn't seem scared at all.  She seems aroused by the mention of violence.  The brother is constantly telling Rizzo to back off of killing and being violent.  Rizzo threatens to slice Liz's neck and she seems to become aroused (turned on a little). They enter the home and Liz's sister is doing some kind of 20 minute workout.  She's hot.  She's the bikini girl from earlier.  The father, Howard, sounds a little like Jimmy Stewart.  More like, if Bernie Sanders doing Jimmy Stewart.  The mom looks like she is meant to be mentally unstable and potentially psychotic. She's the bad acting doctor from previous films Rizzo knocks out the hot sister and leaves her in another room. The mom asks Liz what's happening and who the visitors are and Liz says maybe bank robbers.  The mom immediately says she has to get food from her root cellar.  The brother accompanies her.  Rizzo has already wandered down there and there seem to be implements of murder and torcher there.  Soon Rizzo and the brother get into a fight.  Liz is so turned on by it and the camera keeps showing her wide eyed and mouth a gasp.  Jimmy fires his gun to stop the fight.  The hot sister wakes up.   Liz makes a play for the brother.  Monica doesn't like this and she breaks it up.  Liz asks if she can take a shower and Monica sends her upstairs with Rizzo to watch her. Liz likes it.  She showers and Rizzo watches and she likes it.  After the shower she takes off her towel in front of Rizzo and gets a nightgown on, then comes on to Rizzo.  He is seduced and they are kissing on the bed. Suddenly a cop is out on the road somewhere and a local stops to see if he can assist and the cop asks him questions.  He's looking for the bank robbers.  The local suggests the Parker House (Liz's family).   ...back to Rizzo and Liz on the bed making out and cutting each other.   Then the cop arrives and the old man gets rid of them pretty easily.  Midpoint After the old man gets rid of the cop, the bank robbers realize they have to get a move on. Monica watches the family while the three guys head up to the car with some stuff from the house. There's a dead body in the trunk.  It belongs to psychiatrist from the local mental hospital. So it turns out that Liz is an escaped patient...and she's a killer. Lucky the body had paperwork to identify it. The boys rush back into the house and look for Monica but she's not there and the family's gone too. In searching for Monica they find a girl tied up in the closet it's the girl who rented the room from the beginning of the movie. She runs out of the closet and says the family is crazy and she's got to get out of here. She runs out of the house. The boys leave the house and the old man shoots at them with his shotgun he gets Jimmy in the arm but Jimmy's okay. Meanwhile the cop is still on the property looking around so hears the shooting.  After Jimmy is shot they don't really take cover but the shooting stops anyway I don't really know why that is except that the shooting served its purpose for the film so it stopped. The boys find the hot sister.  She is acting like she's not crazy and wants to help the guys escape her wacky family. She tells them that her family are cannibals but she is not like her family and she wants to help them escape.  She tells them where there is a car. Rizzo and Jimmy's brother go to look for the car and Jimmy and the hot girl stay and when Jimmy said he trusted her she gave him a look and now they're making out. Out in the woods the officer runs into the old man who tells the officer that he should have left when he had a chance. Then his wife and his daughter jump out and knock the officer to the ground it's so dark it's hard to see what is happening but once he's on the ground they start stabbing the s*** out of him and there's blood everywhere. Okay so the hot girl goes inside the house for a minute and leaves Jimmy on the porch then she comes back out in ballet shoes so she can sneak up on him and she uses a sickle to lop his head off.   So then Liz is chasing after the girl who rented the room and she stabs her with this wooden stake and it's right through the girl's torso and she dies. Rizzo and the brother find the car but there's no keys.  The brother says Jimmy's got the keys but i'm not clear on why or how that happened. Why does Jimmy have the keys? Was this their car from before? So Rizzo goes back to get the keys so then the brother is alone and the mom comes out of nowhere and stabs the crap out of him.  Plot Point Rizzo finds Jimmy's body and has a mini freak out. So now Rizzo is the only robber left because we saw--i didn't mention earlier--Monica being eaten by the old man in the root cellar.  Liz appears and begins chasing him.  He escapes her and somehow finds some building that has tools in it and he picks up a tool and it looks like he's going to mount the Rebellion. Rizzo has been mentioning all throughout the film how Nam and he misses Nam and he likes killing. Two or three times he's mentioned it to Jimmy to reenact his Nam experience. Act III The Resolution Rizzo has been working through the night and now it's morning and I guess he was setting up traps in the Forest a la Dutch in Predator...no montage but it does get it's own musical sequence.   That night when so goes out hunting for them. He first encounters the old man and he says hey a****** and the old man looks at him and he fires a Circular saw blade right into his stomach and any fires again and kills him. Liz is next. She comes out of the house looking for Rizzo and he set up a bomb as she walks into it and it blows up and she's on the ground and she looks dead. So Rizzo goes over and turns over her body so she's on her back and her eyes open and then she starts to choke Rizzo. Rizzo stabs her and she's dead. ...but no, she wakes up again and comes after Rizzo...and the old man wakes up pulls out the blade and he comes after Rizzo. Rizzo runs away. He gets caught and one of his own traps and now he's hanging upside down from a tree. Liz finds him hanging from the tree. She asks him if he'll stay as her boyfriend forever he agrees he's screaming and she then rips off her face--so does the old man--and they are actually these crazy looking monsters and then she begins stabbing Rizzo to death. Now families in the home the mother's making soup and the daughters are putting makeup on and someone comes to the door and says hey got a room to rent.  The end. Alien Rampage (1999) 1h13m Act 1 The Setup First 10 minutes We are shown several individual storylines and we jump back and forth between them.   1. FBI guys chasing a suspect in mid-sized cars on country roads and running through the forest, x-files style.  They are reporting the chase to some important guys in suits in a remote office. 

2. Clumsy looking--but well-meaning--deputies dispatched to arrest three local bikers who appear to be one-dimensional thugs who squabble amongst themselves.

3. A couple from the city stop in a local restaurant to ask for directions back to the highway.

End of first 10 minutes The storylines begin to converge. After a while the FBI guys get tired of chasing the suspect and shoot her in the back.  She is an alien.  One FBI guy heads back to the car to get medical help for the suspect and the other agent sticks with the suspect and calls the important guys in suits to update them.  The FBI guy notices a strange device on the alien and when he touches it a cool looking alien in a ship in the forest awakens and initiates a large energy barrier over the entire town.     Act II The Confrontation This is where everybody starts to encounter the energy barrier. FBI guy played by Joe Ripple is the first casualty of the energy barrier as he attempts to run through it and is burnt to a charred smoking corpse.  The bumbling deputies had just pulled up on the scene and witnessed the demise.   The city couple is heading out of town when they approach the barrier.  They stop the car and some redneck pulls up behind them.  The redeck gets out of his truck and foolishly touches the barrier and is roasted. The actress who plays Lisa (the female of the city couple) is hot hot hot...Jaime Kalman...she's on Twitter. I think she's now a healing practitioner in L.A. Now its the bikers' turn to encounter the energy barrier.  The gang is three guys and two gals.  The one guy without a gal decides to approach the energy barrier but the leader stops him and throws a wrench into the barrier (literally throws a wrench) and they witness the power of what they are dealing with when the wrench is blasted.  but i guess it was this guy's destiny to die anyway because the cool looking alien from the ship slow walks his way into their camp and the lonely biker gets it with a laser before he can speed off on his bike. There are some exposition scenes where gloriously poor acting is really on display 31:16 to 31:50.  This is a scene where a doctor is giving an update to the sheriff and the mayor about the alien woman.  The doctor is really stiff and unemotional.   In unrelated weirdness, the mayor's got this out-of-place tensor bandage covering his left forearm and wrist.  The way he's standing, he's hiding it so you don't notice it at first but once you do it's really distracting. And when he's walking-and-talking with the sheriff he has his hands in his pockets and his sleeves are rolled up three quarter length and he looks like a sandbag torso with hay stuffed arms...bizarre. I wonder if the actor just showed up for filming with the bandage and they were like, "OK."  I guess this is what makes a "B" movie...poor attention to detail...well, as well as poor acting, dialogue, and story. The sheriff sends her staff out to the suburbs of town to bring everyone to downtown for their own safety--since the alien is on the loose and dangerous.  Then another poor acting clinic was put on during a scene between the sheriff and agent Love 33:46 to 34:10.  The sheriff demands answers. MidpointTwo deputies enter the restaurant that the couple visited earlier and discover several massacred bodies.  Then the bikers show up at the sheriff's office and describe how the monster chased and killed one of them.  Then the sheriff and agent love visit the alien suspect for answers.  This is the midpoint. The point when they realize that they are being hunted by the beast who's looking for the alien FBI suspect.  This is conveyed by the alien who grabs a female doctor's neck and speaks through her, 42:35 to 43:45.  She tells the audience exactly what's happening.  Then the sheriff and agent love discuss what their plan of attack needs to be 44:02 to 44:40. They need to find the ship and destroy it.  Fortunately, the guy of the couple is a munitions expert.    That night, the sheriff, a couple of deputies, fbi agent, and munitions expert enter the forest to look for the ship while the rest of the town gets hammered in a local pub.  The sheriff's crew find bodies of the bikers and near there, they discover the ship.  Suddenly, there is this misplaced upbeat adventure track followed by one of the great lines in all the Don Dohler films.  Let's listen 52:36 to 53:04 ("God damn that thing looks awfully big.").   Back at the bar, the alien bashes the door down and begins blasting people with his laser.  This reminded me of the scene in The Terminator where Reece is dreaming of home and a terminator enters the compound and the dogs start barking at him and he waves a heavy laser machine gun back and forth killing everyone.   He is about to kill the deputy and the hot woman of the couple when he stops and returns to his ship.  This was triggered by the munitions guy stepping on the ship elevator.  Then moments later, the alien shows up at the ship and a laser vs gun battle commences.   The sheriff's crew needs to retreat as their bullets have no effect on the alien.  The FBI guy suggests that they try to draw the alien away from the ship so that they can blow it up but what could they use as bait? He reveals the device that he took from the female alien at the beginning which seems to have kicked off this whole adventure.  This is the plot point at the end of act II.   Act III The Resolution Alien blasts the FBI guy and the crew runs away.  Alien grabs the device.  Munitions guy says "fuck it"...grabs the C4 and enters the ship...sheriff's crew provides cover.  Munitions guy plants the bomb and gets off the ship but is blasted.  Alien gets back on the ship and sheriff grabs the detonator from dead munitions guy and blows up ship as it takes off.   One really cool thing is that the battle was at night but after the ship explodes, and the barrier is gone, it's day time.  It seems that they are back to the time that the barrier was erected as predicted by the female alien.  In the final scene, the doctor is about to perform the autopsy on the female alien when she turns her head to the camera all bug-eyed.  The End. Wrap-Up Here are my recommendations, watch The Alien Factor, Nightbeast, and, I guess, Blood Massacre...and watch the documentary Blood, Boobs, and Beasts.   The later films, that i didn't review here, like The Harvesters, Vampire Sisters, etc.  These were directed by Joe Ripple.  He kind of took over the directing duties.  His films are more about gore and nudity and they didn't hold much interest for me.    Next time, on the Predictably Treacherous Podcast, we be taking a look at Mill Creek's "The Andy Sideris Collection: Girls, Guns, and G-Strings" Resources and Links: Syd Field at https://sydfield.com/ Syd Field books on Amazon

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