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PT - Banacek - 017 - $10,000 a page

Updated: Jan 26

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Welcome everyone to The Predictably Treacherous podcast. Today's episode is Banacek "$10,000 a page". This is episode six of season one. This episode was directed by Richard T. Heffron and written by Paul Playdon. The original air date was January 10th, 1973

Let's get right to the episode summary.

Banacek investigates the theft of a valuable book.

The Crime

Tyson museum, Book of Hours

Testing the security system protecting a book in a display case. Hapless insurance man is pleased with the test.

That night.

Workman is shown on the premises. Security guard is shown watching monitors. A bright light obscures the view on the monitor. Now the display can be seen on the monitor again. Now the alarm goes off. Cops arrive and go to security door. They think they have a thief trapped behind the security doors in the display room. They open doors and it's empty and the book is gone.

Banacek Intro

New variation on the theme...sounds slightly better. Banacek is driving his own car...where's Jay?

Unhappy Insurance Agent

He calls Banacek "Bernardchek". Tells him he's an overrated, overpaid showboat.

They've got to drop this adversarial disgruntled insurance agent trope...it's pointless and annoying. The agent invariably tells Banacek that he doesn't like him and and doesn't want him meddling with the investigation but then gives him all the information they have about the crime. In return, Banacek mocks the agent and doesn't reshare information.

This rich asshole sends his chauffeur and business manager to pick up Banacek and take him back mansion...he owns the book. He's an old guy in a wheelchair played by a younger guy made up like an old guy. Why not just hire an old actor. He is accompanied by a muscleman (Steve Crawford) in Speedos and a long sleeve white shirt, sort of like in A Clockwork Orange, and Tyson's attorney.

Tyson demands to have Banacek work for him exclusively. He also snaps his fingers a lot. He is a self-proclaimed tyrant.

The business manager, Mrs Hammond, hates Banacek. She thinks he knocked up some friend of hers and ran out on her.

At home, he watches video camera footage of the robbery and somehow footage of the cops arriving outside and a cop exiting and getting in a squad car.

Visits cops. Speaks with Gomer Pile. Literally. Pile confirms that 5 squad cars were dispatched when the call came in and they arrived in less than a minute, but the tv footage caught 6 cars. Tells Pile to review the footage to see if thief was caught on film.

It's completely glossed over that the police dispatched 5 squad cars, in less than a minute, to investigate the reported theft of a book, not a multi-vehicle collision on a highway, or a hostage taking at a downtown business, or a mass shooting at a school...but the attempted theft of a millionaire's property.


Banacek visits Felix to get the lowdown on the book's history. The book is hundreds of years old and has changed hands twenty-something times and has a rich history. Strange, given how new the book looks. Walter Tyson began life poor, got rich, "book of hours" was his late wife's wedding gift to him.

The Ladies Man

So Banacek arrives at home. Jill Hammond is there to apologize and throw herself at Banacek. She discovered that she was wrong to accuse him and now she is ready to offer her body as repentance.

Polish Proverb

Just because a dress is red satin doesn't mean it comes off easily.

Physical Skill

Banacek visits muscleman's brother.  He asks him about the robbery and brother spills his entire involvement...everything.  He also confirms that the brother doesn't know about any of this. Banacek says he'll find out soon enough and brother says not from you he won't.  Then he punches Banacek and tries to kill him.  He chases Banacek around with a heavy pipe and at one point he throws it and hits Banacek in the leg knocking him off of the roof of a car.  Banacek tricks him with his superior  brainpower using his wallet and some bills to lure the greedy thug into a trap slamming the hood of a car on his arm and kicking him the the face to get away.  

The Big Reveal

Alright Banacek, enough of this.  Just gather everybody in a room and explain what happened. Time for the big reveal.

- ludlow hid in the museum posing as a workman

- enters room shines flashlight at camera

- replaces with picture of glass case

- drill two holes in top

- insert rods and close book, it falls through trap.

- book is under the wires in the display.

- once book is hidden it had to look like it's stolen.  

- placed explosives on display, exits, activates explosives, door shuts seemingly with thief inside.

- ludlow removes overalls and is dressed like a policeman.

- police arrive

- Glassman was going to get the book out at a later time.

- he killed Ludlow

- Jill masterminded the caper.  

Glassman and Jill admit the whole thing.  Jill's motivation was that she new she was receiving nothing from the will and felt cheated.  Tyson reveals that he had a life insurance policy for half a mil and Jill was the beneficiary.  

A shoutout to the great scene with Banacek speaking with the Muscleman while he's lifting weights and punching a punching bag outside all while wearing Speedos.

Next week on The Predictably Treacherous Podcast we'll continue with Banacek season 1 "The Greatest Collection of Them All " where Banacek investigates a stolen art collection.

Tune in next week!

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