• Craig Hunter

Martin Amis

I was first introduced to Martin Amis through Time's Arrow (1991).  Since then I've been making my way through the collection. I next read Night Train (1997), Money (1994), London Fields (1999), Lionel Asbo (2012), and Yellow Dog (2003).

Lionel Asbo (2012) is about a in-and-out of prison thug that wins the lottery and the celebrity that his life takes on.

Night Train (1997) is narrated by an alcoholic cop investigating a puzzling suicide.

Money (1994) is about a debaucherous would-be director who travels between LA and England in pursuit of success.

London Fields (1999) is a murder mystery that follows a dart playing thug, a femme-fatale who has predicted her own death, a writer, and a rich dreamer.

Yellow Dog (2003) follows Xan Meo who's relationship with his wife and family deteriorates when he is beaten and his personality drastically changes.

Amis' books make you uncomfortable but you can't put them down.

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