• Craig Hunter

Cadet Army Caps

I love me some Cadet Army Caps!

I ordered the 6-pack so that I can rotate when I sweat-up one hat on a long walk and I have to wash it. It's also nice just to have some variety. When you get a 6-pack, invariably, 2 styles you love, 2 you are pretty good with, and 2 are outside of your comfort zone. And this is great because when you finally wear one of the outside of your comfort zone hats, you come to realise that you're just as incredibly sexy as you are in the hats that you love.

I'm thinking about buying another 6-pack, which seems crazy because why do you need 12 hats?

Here's the thing, I'm 40 years old...this is me. My style is pretty well set and my head's not getting any bigger. I feel like I need to have 12 of these things just in case they stop selling them someday.

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