• Craig Hunter

Bart Got a Room (2008)

Danny is a senior in highschool.  The prom is in three months and he needs to secure a date for what he is sure will be the most important memory of his youth.

He has been seeing a sophomore tease and has been trying to work up the courage to ask her to the prom while making sure that he doesn't end up attending with his longtime platonic friend Camille. His parents recently divorced.  His mother is dating a man who is safe but not sexy and his father is chasing skirts at fifty-two.

Camille asks Danny to prom before he manages to ask Alice.  He says no assuming that he will be attending with Alice, and things get awkward between he and Camille.  When he finally asks Alice she says no, and Danny is really stuck. Over the next few weeks Danny is unable to secure a date and concedes that he will have to take Camille, but predictably--hours before the prom--he discovers that she already has a date.

Faced with the prospect of attending the most important event of his youth alone, his father attempts to secure him a last minute date.  Hijinks ensue. Just when the night seems to be lost for he and Camille, Danny realizes that he is making the memory that he wanted, but it's just not what he imagined.

No swearing.  No violence.  No nudity.  No memorable scenes. Not very much conflict.  Not much happens. This is the kind of film that I like to put on while I do dishes. You feel like you can be engaged with some activity while it plays in the background and you won't be missing out on anything.

Kid friendly.

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