• Craig Hunter

Jaws (1975)

Amity is an island community who's businesses rely on summer tourist traffic.  When a huge shark begins terrorizing the beaches, the police chief must convince the local business leaders to close the beaches to the public while he teams up with a shark nerd and a grizzled seaman to hunt down a giant megalodon...judging from the poster.

This is Steven Spielberg's first really good movie.  The movie that taps into the fear of the collective unconscious.   The first real summer blockbuster film.

I love the way that Spielberg's characters are just regular 'schmucks'...no special talents...not overly attractive.  There's nobody with exceptional ability to be the hero and save the day.  He has everyman police chief Brody and shark nerd Richard Dryfuss rise up from anonymity, voice the unpopular, and meet the challenge of the film to save the people of the town.

A great John Williams' film score.

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